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God Eater 3: Hugo, Biting Edge Weapon, and More Info Detailed!

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Mateys! Another RPG has shared its update, as it comes from a certain game with several series!

Bandai Namco reveals the detail for some features inside the game entitled God Eater 3 following the game’s previous series such as a certain feature and character, Aragami, and weapons. In actuality, this info is the extended from the previous update which shared a bit of gameplay. A certain character that received more information is Hugo PennywortBiting Edge (weapon used by the main character), and two new Aragami.

Adaptive God Eaters (AGE)

A new type of God Eater as the result of the Ashland‘s appearance. They are bound to a certain contract unlike the previous God Eater, have their own resonance and physical abilities and closer to be an Aragami. Their job is to infiltrate, search, recover resources, and killing Ash Aragami within the Ashlands. However, they are lowly rewarded.

Hugo Pennywort (Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki)

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The character is a close friend of the protagonist, and he is the leader of the Pennywort AGEs. If you are wondering of Pennywort‘s name, it is actually belong to the famous Port which specializes in slaying Aragami.

New Weapon: Biting Edge

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Biting Edge is a weapon that can transform from a dual blade to a Naginata. While the dual blade will rely on its speed (quick slicing and stabbing motions), the Naginata form will rely on ranged, powerful swing with high evasion. However, if you use the Naginata form, Stamina won’t be filled automatically (stop regenarating).

New Weapon: Ray Gun (New Designed)

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The Ray Gun is upgraded to a ranged weapon which can fire stronger and longer bullets. However, you have to manage the output of the attack as you also have to control and find the right timing.

Ash Aragami: Anubis

god eater anubis1 pic 1

This Aragami has a golden armor and has two forms: four-legged movement and two-legged movement after Bursting.

New Ash Aragami: Ra

god eater ra1 pic 1

As the name suggest, it is a bird-like Aragami and a fusion between human and a globe. It has two flame balls and uses fire element to attack everything on the ground. Although it has a slow movement, it can lock onto the target and will chase you down with its boosters.

God Eater 3 is still being developed for PlayStation 4 and PC. Read more about God Eater series here.

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