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Glitched, An RPG When The Protagonist Meets The Player!


What will you do when your friend is missing?

Gus, the protagonist of the game Glitched, surely chooses to find his friend, Conrad. Conrad himself has been missing without a trace because of a bizarre situation. Luckily for Gus, a glitch has happened to RPG world and he found you, the player! So, Gus wants your guidance to make every single decision.



Glitched World


Glitched‘s world is built with a system called Essence. Your decision, personality, morality will affect the story line and lead Gus to one of six paths. During combats, which are not random and totally based on story line, you can choose to fight or avoid it by sparing the enemies or finding an alternative. But please always keep in mind, your choices in combat can change end result. The combats, however, won’t bring you any leveling or experiences. You win as long as you can manage the parties.

Glitched Character

Glitched Combat


Enhouse Studios, the developer of Glitched  is still raising funds through Kickstarter and is also Greenlight campaign. Since it can be one of the promising game, you can try the game before donating or voting.  Download the demo on their website.

Glitched will be available for PC on future.


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