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FuRyu Announces The Alliance Alive, an RPG with Legend of Legacy’s Vibe

FuRyu just announced their newest 3DS RPG titled The Alliance Alive, alongside its teaser site. At a glance, the game’s art style resembles FuRyu’s previous hit title Legend of Legacy! Perhaps it will be an indirect sequel? The game is called a “group performance RPG,” where it features nine unique protagonists, each with their own interconnected stories, set in a fantasy world ruled by demons! Check out the magazine scans below. (Thanks, Siliconera!)

The Alliance Alive - Magazine Scan

Following are nine characters introduced (upper-left to right):

  • Tiggy, the Prodigy Professor
  • Vivian, the Noble Magic Family’s Daughter
  • Ignis, Vivian’s Butler
  • Garil, the Young Man of the Resistance
  • Ursula, Garil’s Childhood Friend
  • Rachel, the Guild Mercenary
  • Barbarosa, the Demon Soldier
  • Jean, the Knowledgeable Sorcerer
  • Renzo, the Well-Informed Young Man

Players can switch between the nine playable characters, journeying through various terrains, such as the “Rain World” where there is nothing but rain in the continent, the”Burning World” where the land is scorched and surrounded by volcanic heat, and many more! Screenshots and more information will be released on 20th October, so prepare yourself! Meanwhile, check out the teaser trailer below.

The Alliance Alive is expected to release for Nintendo 3DS in Japan, on Spring 2017.


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