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Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshot Shows Characters and Bond System!

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshot Shows Characters and Bond System!

The new Fire Emblem installment is a hack-and-slash styled RPG. Similar to Legend of Zelda’s hack-and-slash RPG called Hyrule Warriors, this one also has the word warriors in its title, Fire Emblem Warriors with similar game structure. One unique thing about Fire Emblem Warriors is about its main characters. It has two main characters; the royal twins Rowan and Lianna or you can also call them Shion and Lian. It also has a feature called The Bond System. While its gameplay is already open to public, the bond system still have yet to be explained, and recently we finally got the explanation! To be precise, a summary. But that’s not all that we have today, since Nintendo also revealed some more character screenshots.

Before we go to the main topic, let’s take a look at the game’s plot again.

That day, the country of Aytolis was covered in uttermost darkness. There was no warning when the Gates of the Other World suddenly appeared in the royal castle. Then, powerful monsters gushed out one after the other, trampling the castle garrison.

—The royal castle quickly fell. And slowly but surely, darkness ate into the country.

However, there is still hope. The two shadows who escaped the royal castle covered in flames were Rowan and Lianna, the children of the late king. And then, the thread of fate spun by the legendary heroes began to spin…

Carrying the Fire Shield given to them by their mother, the two heroes’ journey to confront the powerful darkness begins here.

You can see the special Fire Shield above; at the cover of this news, but you can also see it more clearly below.

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshot Shows Characters and Bond System!

A beautiful shield, is it not? But the complete shield is more beautiful! The twins is searching for gems for their fire shield with the other heroes. If you want to see how the complete shield looks like, then you must wait until they find all of the necessary gems, or you can accompany their journey.

We all know Marth and Crom will be joining in Fire Emblem Warriors, but did you know other characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening will also join the twins journey? If you haven’t, well now you know about it! Meet the new Fire Emblem Warriors playable characters!





Finally let’s have an overview about the Bond System. We got a few screenshots for it too.


Similar to the series’ other installment, this feature let’s player to deepens the characters’ relationship; their bonds. As their bonds deepens, the heroes will have a special conversations with some voice acting! That’s all. There’s really nothing new with Fire Emblem Warriors‘ Bond System, since it looks the same with the other installment feature. Or maybe it does has something new and we just haven’t know it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Fire Emblem Warriors will launch for Nintendo Switch in Fall 2017. Read more posts related to Fire Emblem series here.

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