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Fire Emblem Warriors European Release Date Announced; More Characters Are Revealed!

Fire Emblem Warriors European Release Date - Pair Up

Nintendo has announced new details about Fire Emblem Warriors! The game gets a release date and limited edition for Europe. In addition, more characters, besides Cordelia and Female Robin, and combat system are also revealed. Check Fire Emblem Warriors European release date, limited edition, and new characters below!



Fire Emblem Warriors - Hinoka


(CV: Kaori Nazuka)

Hinoka is Hoshido’s first princess. She has an honest personality. Her means of fighting is slicing up the frontlines.


(CV: Yuki Kaji)

Takumi is Hoshido’s second prince. He has inconsistent temper and wishes for others to acknowledge his power.


(CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

Camilla is Nohr’s first princess. She openly acts cruel to her enemies while in battle.


Fire Emblem Warriors - Leo

(CV: Mamoru Miyano)

As Nohr’s second prince, Leo is an intellectual man with exceptional magical power. He is able to handle almost everything easily.

Combat System

Fire Emblem Warriors - PairUp

Fire Emblem Warriors will allow player to Pair Up. It is a system in which the character controlled goes near an ally. This action will form a pair of front and backline characters who fight together. While in that paired up state, Dual Attack Gauge appears. Filling the gauge allows us to use a Dual Attack to break the enemy’s guard. Dual Guard is also available while fighting as a pair. Filling this gauge will allow players to completely nullify enemy’s attack.

Finally, there is Dual Special Attack which is only available when the pair fill up their Musou Gauges, allowing them to activate coop special attack. We can hear a difference in their line depending on their bonding level.

Release Date & Limited Edition

Fire Emblem Warriors - Limited Edition

Fire Emblem Warriors European release date is set to launch on October 20th! A limited edition for European edition is also announced. They include the game, a three-CD soundtrack, and character cards set.


Lastly, Fire Emblem Warriors gamescom trailer is here! The trailer highlight the game’s main cast of playable characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors will launch for Nintendo Switch in Fall 2017 for North America, September 29th for Japan, and October 20th for Europe. Read more posts related to Fire Emblem series here.


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