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Final Fantasy XV Updates – PC Version, Extra Brotherhood FFXV Episode in Ultimate Collector Edition & More

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The hype for Final Fantasy XV is still real. Following the announcement of its release date and a whole lot of additional media related to the game, there are some Final Fantasy XV updates that worth to be noted. Some were given during questions & answers from some medias, while others were mentioned in the official account of FF XV.

Before proceeding, you might want to read all the compiled information unveiled in the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event here.


Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Updates about PC Version and more

  • According to a press conference, Hajime Tabata from Square Enix said that Final Fantasy XV need to have 10 million sales worldwide throughout its’ lifecycle in order to succeed. So far, in the Final Fantasy franchise’s sales number, only Final Fantasy VII exceed that number .
  • Tabata is aware for the fans’ calling to PC version of Final Fantasy XV. In a follow-up interview by Endgadget, he said that they weren’t able to do simultaneous development for PC and console. They need to optimize everything for the console version first, and they will consider a lot of things about what they need to do for PC version.
  • The PC version availability has a greater chance to come alive, but only after the game has been released in the console version. In the official tweet from the Twitter account, they said that they “may look at a higher spec version for PC”.

  • According to the Twitter account, all the products surrounding FF XV are made for different kind of people and also a way for different people to get into FF XV.
  • The Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo has a light tone because it is set in Noctis’ dream (Author note: Some people are even mentioning that it is closer to Kingdom Hearts’ world style). However, Final Fantasy XV will be more serious but there will be a playful tone sometimes.
  • Tabata said that the seamless open world in the Final Fantasy XV is inspired by Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy CV Logo

These updates (and the updates for upcoming sections) are based on the tweets from the official account of FFXV:

  • They are looking to release Brotherhood into a stand-alone disc release, but can’t confirm anything for now.
  • Each episode will have around 10-15 minutes, but it can go longer depending on the content/story
  • Square Enix originally want to release one episode per month, but they decided to make an exception because of the Uncovered event and released the first episode right from the moment.
  • There will be an extra episode for Ultimate Collector Edition. However, it is not a full proper episode but rather some extra scenes.


Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive FF XV Official Teaser Movie Poster

The actors announced for the movie will not reprise their roles for the full game of FF XV. Voice actors for the game haven’t been announced so far.

Read more information about Kingsglaive in our earlier report here, together with Brotherhood.


Justice Monsters Five

Justice Monsters Five from FF XV World

Motohashi promised that this game will be free to play on mobile and will not be a ‘buy to win’ type of game. Read more about the game here.

Final Fantasy XV will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide in September 30, 2016. The collector edition has been announced and you can check it here. Read all post related to Final Fantasy XV here, or all Final Fantasy series here.

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