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Final Fantasy XV Update: Episode Ardyn Revealed with Other Updates!

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Here we go again, Mateys! There are several info that will be shared to you all regarding a well-known game.

Square Enix revealed several updates for their game Final Fantasy XV which include the game’s Expansion, DLC, Anniversary, and new episode of the DLC. These updates are informed during Active Time Report by the game’s Director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Manager Akio Otsuka. What are the contents? Do read along the passage!

Bug Fixes, Improvements, New Contents

It is said that the updates will fix the bug in the game’s expansion entitled Comrades that will be released on December 12th, and the name of the fix is version 1.1.0 (for fixing bugs and updating the game). The packages of this fix will be:

  • Inability to level up in some cases
  • Multiple quests problem (where you can’t undergo multiple quests)
  • Enemies are unavailable (enemies won’t appear)
  • Progression issue

There are several improvements that are available for the game: Traveling the time between Lestallum and the camp, quick loading, shortens AI companions’ generation.

Don’t forget that there are also new contents: Time Limited Quests. This quest involves quick matching of players dedicated to quests, and you have to defeat a certain number of enemies within the limited time.

New features called Witch’s Stop allows you to buff your character if you are succeeding in beating time quests. The buffs will be in the form of foods as the reward.

DLC Update

Previously, the company released the game’s DLC called Episode IgnisBefore going through the explanation, do watch the video first:

The video shows us the DLC’s first look, and the way it will be played, too. Next, there is a revelation battle between Ignis and Noctis:

The DLC (Episode Ignis) can be beaten in only one hour and a half until two hours. Since the DLC has multiple endings, the total amount of the time that will be spent is around three hours (if you play and experience the ending branches). However, this Episode has a little of cutscene and story like Episode Prompto. Moreover, Yasunori Mitsuda will compose the character’s track for Ignis and Ravus.

Anniversary’s Update

First Anniversary Update is announced by the game’s Development Manager Daisuke Oe for the main game, and it has features to swap playable characters during the combat to Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. The update will be out in December.

Watch the video below for the update!

By the way, there are also revelation of the game’s Pocket Edition for Android and iOS as previously announced.

New Episode: Episode Ardyn

The game receives many requests from the fans to create other episodes. The company then decides to reveal the episodes that will be out in the future: Episode Ardyn. Eventually, this episode will make you dive deeper into the game. The fans also request for Luna, however it is still not decided yet.

Other than those info, the director of the game Hajime Tabata receives awards (User’s Choice Award and a Platinum Award). Below is his comment during receiving the awards:

With the Platinum Prize and before the User’s Choice Award, we have received two wonderful awards. It’s a great honor. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to all the users of Final Fantasy XV, all of you involved with PlayStation and everyone in the industry. Final Fantasy XV has three aspects: one is Final Fantasy XV the cutting-edge role-playing game. Then the user content of FFXV. Lastly, Final Fantasy XV as a continued service.

Final Fantasy XV has reached the one-year mark yesterday, and even today many users are still enjoying and playing the game. There are times when people criticize FFXV, so I don’t say that it will receive a 100% mark, but I think we were able to create a wonderful title.

However, times are changing and evolving. So together with our beloved PlayStation, I hope we can pursue a future game.

Such awards, aren’t they? Well, the game is all over the places and everywhere, so it is only natural to get the awards and enjoyed by people too.

Final Fantasy XV is now available globally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will be coming to PC on 2018. Read more posts related to Final Fantasy Universe here.

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