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Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show Partner Sub-Weapon, Shiva Summon, and More

Final Fantasy XV - Title

Square Enix recently released new screenshots of Final Fantasy XV along with some information. Details on sub-weapons, Ability Call system, summoning Shiva, and the city of Altissia are shown in the screenshots and information.


Apparently, your three partners in the game can be equipped with sub-weapons other than main weapons. Ignis can use lances, Gladiolus can use shields, and Prompto can use machinery. You can switch their weapons from main to sub accordingly to adapt to the situations.

Final Fantasy XV - Partner Sub-weapons


Every night you lodge, your level and status will increase. Additionally, you can obtain and strengthen you abilities through Ability Call system. In order to learn abilities from this system, you’ll need Ability Points (AP). This system is similar to Sphere Grid system from Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy XV - Ability Call 1

Final Fantasy XV - Ability Call 2


Noctis can summon the Ice Queen Shiva in Final Fantasy XV. When summoned, Shiva will appear in the field, dancing, and spread the winter around her. Shiva will also summon her clones to spread the winter all over the area in a single shot.

Final Fantasy XV - Shiva 1


The city of Altissia is a city on the water with European design. You can also go around the city using a gondola. This is probably Final Fantasy XV‘s version of Venice.

Final Fantasy XV - Altissia City 1

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release globally on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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