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Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show Iris and Cor as Guest Characters

Final Fantasy XV - Iris Feature

The latest Weekly Famitsu issue revealed new Final Fantasy XV screenshots featuring Iris Amicitia and Cor Leonis in action! The screenshots showed that during some points in the game, both characters will be joining Noctis‘ party temporarily! In addition, the new screenshots also features several summons and the unique abilites of the four brothers. Without further ado, let’s check the scans below (Thanks, DualShockers!).

As we can see from the scans, Iris will be able to perform link attack with Noctis using a Moogle doll! Iris was previously revealed as Gladio’s sister, and it seems she has a crush on Noctis! On the other hand, it seems like each team members will be able to do some unique non-combat activities. Noctis with fishing, Prompto and his photography, Gladio’s survival, and the last but not the least, Ignis’ cookings! Look at those chickens!

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release globally on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Always stay up to date with the Final Fantasy universe by our coverages here!


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