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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is Now Available with Launch Trailer and Screenshots!

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Mateys! Here is an enjoyable information that comes from a famous game!

Square Enix proudly announced their game entitled Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition as well as Final Fantasy Royal Edition by releasing the game’s launch trailer and screenshots. As planned, the company released the game for PC version along with the game’s Royal Edition which contains some features and DLCs too.

Check the launch trailer first, mateys!

The PC version of the game will support 8K resolution, 120 FPS, first-person mode, all of the game’s season pass content, and mod support. Additionally, some costumes are added too.

Anyway, the PC version of the game released its 1.2.0 patch which contains:

  • Addition of compatibility with FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL PACK
  • Inclusion of character dossiers (accessible from the Archives)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from fourth photo contest (viewable at Mother of Pearl at Galdin Quay)
  • Implementation of new quests in Chapter 10
  • Addition of new Comrades quests (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Implementation of new Royal Sigils (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Introduction of chocobo breeding feature (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Addition of new trophies (exclusive to COMRADES)
  • Various bug fixes

The Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition and Windows Edition are scheduled to be released on March 6th. Get ready to get the game, mateys!

There are new key arts showing the four comrades and King Regis, and the Character Dossiers. A new quest has also been added to chapter 10 of the game, and more features can be enjoyed too. So, here are the screenshots for the game!

Final Fantasy XV is now available globally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and PC. Read more posts related to Final Fantasy Universe here.

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