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Final Fantasy XV Playtime Length Will Be Over 50 Hours + Spanish & Portuguese Localization Confirmed!

During a livestream with NicoNico Livestream by Famitsu recently, the Director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, has shared some words about the current development of the game.

Tabata during the livestream talked about Final Fantasy XV playtime and other tidbits

These are some key highlights about it (thanks via Gamestalk.net and Siliconera).

  • Cactuar, one of the staple monsters of Final Fantasy series, will also make appearance in this game. They are powerful monsters with high agility and and able to dodge Shift Breaks.
  • Square Enix will reveal many surprises in the upcoming event at the end of this March. You can also expect a new trailer in Japanese.
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi, the ‘founding father’ of Final Fantasy, has called Tabata earlier and talked about his impression about Final Fantasy XV demo. Tabata didn’t tell what is his impression, but he mentioned with a laugh that Sakaguchi had a whole lot to say.
  • A playable tech demo will be shown in that event.
  • Square Enix estimated that Final Fantasy XV playtime would take about 40 hours to complete the main scenario, but this has bumped into 50 hours since then. They are trying to make optimal balances in the game and still not finishing the final balancing. They also said that the game has more volume than they thought it would.
  • Airship has been decided since long ago about how it will be introduced properly in the game. It will be something that make you say “this is the kind of Airship that should be in Final Fantasy XV“.
  • The frame rate is being maintained at 30 fps as their objective. This hasn’t been completely optimized yet, as there are times it breaks the 30 fps. They will continue to make adjustments before the game is out for sell. If they are unable to adjust it, they will do something different.
  • The game’s resolution will be revealed in that upcoming event.
  • Square Enix are trying to make the special bundle for this game happens.

Additionally, Square Enix via Tabata announced that the game will have Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language in the game’s option. This is the first time that a Final Fantasy game has those language localization options.

Below are the announcement videos for both localization:

Final Fantasy XV’s Latin American Spanish Announcement

Final Fantasy XV’s Brazilian Portuguese Announcement

Final Fantasy XV will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide in 2016. The official release date will be announced at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, which will be held on March 30, 2016. Read all post related to Final Fantasy here.

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