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Final Fantasy XV DLC will Continue on 2018! New Footage Revealed for Multiplayer Expansion!

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Here we go again Mateys! Another update from popular game developed by a well-known company too!

Square Enix announced that the post-launch content of Final Fantasy XV will continue on 2018. During Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017, the Director Hajime Tabata confirmed the continuation of the project himself (via Games Jouhou) and he stated that the content will be continued on the next year.

So, what is the reason behind the delay?

The director said that there are high demands from players which stated about the game’s continuation of story and further expansion. Episode Ignis is supposed to be the final piece of DLC, and the project has to be paused until next year.

Additionally, the director stated that the theme of this new content is to delve more into parts of the main story that didn’t have enough context or details, and to resolve those stories. He said that the contents try to explore other characters to showcase through new episodes, but he wants to make sure they’re able to establish a proper foundation of the game world, otherwise they won’t be able to fully flesh out the characters’ story.

From the reason above, it is clear that the company wants to present the content expected by the players, along with several corrections (continuation of stories and paths).

Another update, you can witness the trailer which shows the battle against King Behemoth. Do check the trailer below:

The battle is revealed as the teaser for the upcoming DLC. A new quest is available, and that is to battle the King Behemoth. Other than that, The expansion places players in the boots of remaining members of the Kingsglaive elite force, as they investigate on something.

Well, that’s the company for us. They let us down but quickly gives us their condolences by releasing teasers too. A word of advice though, patience is your best friend, okay!

You want to watch another trailer? just click this and you will be able to watch the Comrades expansion. The company also is kind enough to give us free DLC.

Final Fantasy XV is now available globally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will be coming to PC on 2018. Read more posts related to Final Fantasy Universe here.


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