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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Reveals Details and Screenshots!

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Mateys! Here is the update from a well-known game that broadens its wing to the online game!

Square Enix reveals several details and screenshots for their newest patch of the game, Final Fantasy XIV, entitled Rise of a New Sun. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi announced the patch and its details for revealing new features of the game. For the details, do read along the passage. It is announced also that the patch will be available around January 2018.

The first thing is, the game’s logo first. A fancy poster is made for the newest patch:

Final fantasy rise of a new sun poster

And, here is the screenshots for the main story. Doma will be the main setting of the game and you will be reunited with Hien, Yugiri, Gosetsu.

Then, there is new sidequest which is the chapter of the Hildibrand storyline and Ananta Beast Tribe Quest (which will come in patch 4.25).

New sidequests will be added, including a new chapter of the Hildibrand storyline (which will actually come in 4.25, since the team found out that most do this kind of content last anyway), and the Ananta Beast Tribe Quests.

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 4aa

Next, two dungeons named Hell’s Lid and The Fractal Continuum (hard mode) are implemented. Here are the screenshots:

Then, there is a new trial too. You have to fight Byakko, one of the Four Lords, and the trial will be named The Jade Stoa and will be the Extreme version (challenging players). Here are the screenshots:

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 7aa

What’s more, there is a new raid entitled Omega: Sigmascape which is the continuation of Omega saga. The raid will be in normal and savage version. The Forbidden Land of Eureka – Anemos will be available starting from patch 4.25. Here is the screenshot:

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 8aa

There are updates for the jobs too, and the DPS output of black mages as well as the warrios’ utility will be updated. The Feast PvP feature will get several changes, and there is a new map called Crystal Tower Training Grounds and a whole new ruleset. Here is the picture:

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 9aa

The Glamor System will be combined with Commode system which implements existing system. Converting items to glamors, saving ensemble to be linked with macros, can be done in this patch. Moreover, Commodes can fit up to 200 items which can also be dyed, and glamor crystals can be unified into a single type.

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 10aa

Other than that, inventory system is also updated, and it can fit up to 999 as well as undo sortChocobo saddlebags are included which can contain up to 70 items.

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 11aa

Housing system is updated, coming up with additional plots of patch 4.2. Subaquatic will be added as a variation of Airship flights.

Final fantasy rise of a new sun 12aa

There is also new performance for the bard, and a brand new UITomestones will vary that are available if you like to grind those, main scenario dungeons will be extended with the additional rewards. Then, The Hidden Canals of Uznair and the leveling curve of crafters between level 50 and 60 will also be tweaked.

The new Duty Recorder to replay several adventures such as in-game dungeons and trials are added. There are also several buttons to take screenshots, playback modes and more.

FanFests of the game will be held in Las Vegas between November 15th and November 17th, 2018. They will also hold it in Paris for early 2019 while in Tokyo on March 23rd and March 24th, 2019. There is a trailer too, showing the events:

Previously, the company announced the 4.1 patch which can be viewed by visiting this link.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PlayStation 4PC, and Mac.

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