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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 Launches in Mid-January

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - The Far Edge of Fate

Square Enix recently held a Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast, and talked about the first details on what to expect in patch 3.5 for Final Fantasy XIV. The latest major patch will be titled The Far Edge of Fate. The first part of the patch will launch in mid-January, while the second part (assumed to be patch 3.55) is expected to launch in March.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Part 1 and Part 2

Here are the first details for Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.5.


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 1

The main scenario will continue in patch 3.5 and will act as a prelude to the new expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Additionally, the Warring Triad questline will get its continuation, showing the third member of the trio: Zurvan, the Demon.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 2

Similar to the previous patch, this new patch will feature a continuation of the same side quests. They are Scholasticate quests, Hildibrand’s adventures, and Anima weapon story quests.


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 3

Baelsar’s Wall

Located in the East Shroud, this extensive wall separates the Garlean Empire and Eorzea, and was built to protect the Empire from the beast tribes and primals.

Baelsar’s Wall (click to enlarge)

Sohm Al (Hard)

This is the hard mode dungeon for Sohm Al, implemented in 3.0. While you scaled your way up in the normal mode of the dungeon, you’ll be descending downwards in this mode.

Sohm Al (Hard) (click to enlarge)


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 4

The third entry to the Mhach series in Final Fantasy will be Dun Scaith, the upcoming 24-man raid that will be made available in patch 3.5. Director Naoki Yoshida stated that this will not be the final entry of the series.

Dun Scaith (click to enlarge)


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 5

Following the Fiend Sephirot and the Goddess Sophia, the third member of the Warring Triad will be added to the game: Zurvan, the Demon. This will be unlocked as a part of the Warring Triad questline. Similar to the previous ones, this primal comes in two modes: Normal mode, and Extreme mode.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Zurvan

Zurvan, the Demon (click to enlarge)


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 6

This is a new type of content, for Disciples of the Hand and Land. You accept gathering/crafting requests for collectable items from certain NPCs to raise the satisfaction level of of those characters. As the patch progresses, other clients will appear apart from Zhloe Aliapoh, and the content will focus on glamour elements moving forward. Ultimately, the main theme of the content will be focusing on glamours, so you can make your character even more glamourous!


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Updated content

In the pre-existing exploratory mission Diadem, players can either do hunting missions or gathering missions within the same instance. However, it didn’t work that well. After receiving a lot of feedback, the development team decided to separate it into Hunting Exploratory Missions and Gathering Exploratory Missions.

A cataclysmic event takes place, making the current diadem area a thing of the past. For this reason, players will be unable to enter from Patch 3.5. After that, players will have to wait a while until the opening of the new Diadem content, currently planned for release a little after Patch 3.5, in the 3.5x series.

There will be some surprises too, such as boss battles that involve the entire map area. On top of that, some tough enemies will appear that will be hard to beat unless you form groups of four parties. We will have more details on this in the Patch 3.5 Preview Part 2.


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Party Finder Updates

One of the most significant update on the Party Finder is that new tabs will be added into the window: “All”, “Same World”, and “Private”. The “All” tab will display all groups on the party finder, while the “Same World” tab will only display players recruiting groups in the same world as you. These names are not final yet, so they might be different later when the patch launches.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Party Finder Updates - Details 1

  • Recruit players from other worlds on the same data center
    Players will be able to view/recruit players from other Worlds on the same data center, but will also be able to limit their recruitment to players in their World. If you want to recruit players to play field content such as the Aquapolis, this will be the setting to use. The World will be displayed alongside character name, so make sure to double check world if someone of the same name is recruiting players.  This will only apply to content which uses the Duty or Raid Finder.
  • Party members will be able to chat with each other regardless of their World
    Players who have been recruited via the Party Finder will be able to talk together in the party chat. You’d even be able to ask about prices on items in someone else’s World, for example. Same-World blacklist is still under development , as well as friend lists, but blacklist will likely come first.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Party Finder Updates - HUD

New Party Finder window

Other functions are also added to the Party Finder. In the upcoming patch, you’ll be able to filter party finders so that you can search for specific ones more easily. The other function that will be added is password-locked parties. This will allow friends on different worlds to play together easily.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Party Finder Updates - Details 2



Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - PvP Updates - Frontline

Players will have the option of being matched without Grand Company requirements, by simply selecting an option. There were concerns that this feature might be abused, so matching without Grand Company requirements was not allowed at the first place, but since we plan to add new PvP content in 4.0, we decided to try and it see how it goes. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. Of course, players will still be able to participate as a specific Grand Company.


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - PvP Updates - Dueling

We received a lot of feedback from players asking for a level sync feature, so we’ve set an Item Level sync of 150, the same level as the Feast. If you are below IL 150, your item level will not be synced. In addition, an ability to sync gear to host’s item level will be added, but of course, players will still be able to enjoy unsynced duels and lastly, all action recast timers will be reset at the start of duels.


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - The Feast

There will be no major changes in the rules of The Feast. However, the development team will be adding new maps after the end of Season 3. There will also be a pre-season period where you can try out the new maps and give feedback to the development team about the maps.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - The Feast - New Map

Chat will be completely disabled, but new auto-translate options will be added especially for the Feast. These will be implemented as PvP actions that can be added to the hotbar, so make sure to try it out.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - The Feast - Disabled Chat


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Chocobo Companion Updates

It will become possible to register for the Duty Finder while your chocobo companion is present. To accommodate this, companions will be handled in the party list as pets rather than party members, but there will be no changes to companion behaviour. Of course, summoners and scholars will still be able to use their egis and pets at the same time.  You will also be able to call out your chocobo when in a full party, meaning you can have a party of 8 players and 8 chocobos. But, as mentioned, chocobos are treated as pets so you will need to target other players’ chocobos to see their HP.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Chocobo Companion Updates - Details 1

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Chocobo Companion Updates - Details 2

Chocobo companion updates (click to enlarge)


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Egi

It will be possible to alter the outward appearance of Garuda, Titan, and Ifrit-Egi. This is the “Egi Glamour” system that was mentioned in the past. Completing the relevant quest will unlock this feature, which allows you to change your egi’s appearance by using text commands. Of course, other players will also see your egi’s altered appearance.

However, inn Patch 3.5, you will only be able to change your egi’s appearance to one of three types of Carbuncle, but other egi appearances will be added in later patches. The appearance you set will be saved even if you log out. However, this will only be saved locally, so if you play on different platforms you will need to set the appearance on each platform. If you want to change the appearance of an egi that has already been summoned, you will need to re-summon after activating the text command to update the appearance.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Egi - Details


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - New content 7

Players will be asked to confirm they wish to join a chat channel after being invited. It will be possible to wait before confirming, or opt out of the novice network at will too.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Returning player 2

Players who have not logged in for 45 days and have at least one class or job at level 50 will be able to change their online status to “Returning Player” so that other players can know. In addition, the returning players can also join the Novice Network to learn from mentors and play with new players. Players can also gain extra EXP by forming a party with a mentor.


Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Additional Updates

Players can now preview item colors on the Try Out window, so that players no longer have to own the item to preview the desired colors.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Furnishing Paintings

You will be able to purchase paintings from artists, and use them to decorate your room. More types of artwork will be made available for those who have cleared their sightseeing log, so make sure to complete yours before patch 3.5.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac.


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