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Final Fantasy XIV Mobile Companion App is Now Available!

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Are you curious about the previous news which stated the planning of releasing a special app for a certain game made by Square Enix? Well, here is the update!

As planned before, Square Enix launched a special app for their game entitled Final Fantasy XIV known as Final Fantasy XIV Companion dedicated for Android and iOS. You can read the previous post first though, before proceeding into this update (for you who still don’t know whether this is a game or something useful).

Anyway, the company told us that the app can link Final Fantasy XIV Online character to chat with other friends, managing in-game events, character inverntories, and register additional favored destination to save gils in the game when teleporting.

Another function is that the app allows you to access the market kept by moogles, request items, purchasing items, or adjusting prices of items. Take note that the currency used for transaction is Kupo Nuts. If you prefer premium currency, there is Mog Coins which can be purchased beforehands.

What is a premium service? Well, the company has their own word for you:

“Beginning today, an optional, premium plan will provide players who want access to additional features even more ways to connect with the in-game world. In addition to receiving one additional kupo nut daily and a greater maximum capacity, subscribers will also be able to organize their chocobo® saddlebags and retainer inventories using the app. The premium plan also provides in-game features: players will receive one additional retainer (which increases the current maximum retainer limit by one) and will also have their chocobo saddlebag capacity doubled. A 30-day premium plan subscription will be available for $5.00. Information regarding the release timing of the premium version will be made available on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion webpage in the near future.”

Further explanation can be read through the game’s official website.

Well, this is a short trailer to celebrate the availability of the app!

Final Fantasy XIV is playable on PlayStation 4PC, and Mac and the Companion App is now available for iOS and Android.

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