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Final Fantasy X Music Gets Massive Arrangement from Materia Collective

Final Fantasy X Music

Materia Collective, a Seattle-based video game music publisher and label, proudly launched SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy Xa great collective of 100 tracks devoted to the legendary PlayStation RPG soundtracks by Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, and Junya Nakano. The Final Fantasy music dedication is divided into two 50-track volumes titled Besaid Mix and Zanarkand MixSPIRA will cover a variety of styles such as rock, electronic, and orchestral, along with Bollywood, disco, gypsy punk, folk and irreverent chocobo choir. The large cast of musical talent includes Horizon Zero Dawn vocalist Julie Elven, composer Dale NorthPokémon Reorchestrated arranger Braxton Burks, the Triforce Quartet, and many others. SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X is fully licensed and available today.


Final Fantasy X Music


You can check the albums below.

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X – Besaid Mix on Bandcamp

SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X – Zanarkand Mix on Bandcamp


“The Final Fantasy X soundtrack already contains a lot of variations on a few common themes, we wanted to create a listening experience where it didn’t feel like you’re listening to ‘Hymn of the Fayths’ 20 times in a row, so all of our artists aimed to do something new on their track. For example, some artists arranged in an unfamiliar style, while others incorporated unique instrumentation. As a result, both SPIRA albums re-frame the classic themes from Final Fantasy X with a fresh perspective.” said project organizers Joe Chen and Emily McMillan.

SPIRA also includes other well-received arrangement projects from Materia Collective such as MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed and SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed. Within this immense size of collection, fans shouldn’t be worry that their favorite tracks will be missed, like the highly emotional “Zanarkand,” the beautiful vocal ballad, “Suteki da ne,” and everyone’s favorite metal track, “Otherworld.”.


Final Fantasy X is already available for PlayStation 2 worldwide.

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