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Final Fantasy VII Android Version Has Been Available Now!

Porting Final Fantasy IX for smartphone is indeed an opening to many classic Final Fantasy series take another chance to shine again. This time, Final Fantasy VII Android version took the next seat for a smartphone game porting (Note: And we shouldn’t too surprised if Final Fantasy VIII make its way to smartphone in the near future).

Final Fantasy VII Android Story

Need a refresher for your memory? Below is the official description taken from the Google PlayStore:

“With its unshakeable monopoly over Mako energy production, the evil Shinra Electric Power Company holds tight to the reigns of world power.

One day, a Mako reactor serving the sprawling metropolis of Midgar is attacked and destroyed in a bombing raid by a revolutionary group calling themselves Avalanche.

Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra’s elite “Soldier” unit takes part in the raid as a mercenary hired by Avalanche and sets events in motion that will draw him and his friends into an epic struggle for the fate of the planet itself…”

Final Fantasy VII Android Features

There are two new features in the Android version:

  • Turn off enemy encounters whether in overworld or area maps. This won’t skip any event battles, obviously.
  • Max Stats command to maximize all your stats in one click. Definitely useful if you just want to play again just to re-live your memory for the game’s story.

New feature in Final Fantasy VII Android version: turn off and on Encounters

You can turn ON or OFF the encounters

Before playing and downloading the game, take some caution about the bugs that listed in the game’s description. Also, you need a minimal 2GB and recommended 4GB available space to play the game.

Final Fantasy VII (mobile) has been available on Android. The iOS version has been available since last year. Read all post related to Final Fantasy here.


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