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Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st Anniversary Celebration: Mythril, Orthros Summon, Nightmare Dungeon, and Super Soul Break Festivals!

Final Fantasy Record Global Happy 1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary for Final Fantasy Record Keeper! Other than sweepstakes, quizzes, and so on, Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st Anniversary Celebration is even more festive with so many events ongoing (Author note: Seriously, I never crossed any game with these many events for its 1st anniversary).

Below are quick summary for each events:


Final Fantasy Record Keeper In-game Giveaways

Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st Anniversary Celebration gets festive with giveaways

As a giveaway, ALL FFRK players will instantly get these items in their gift box:

  • Free 50 Mythrils. You can use it for relic draws or other usage.
  • A 4* Summon Ability: Orthros, which was the winner for Summon Poll event. Orthros can dish out 8-hit Non-Elemental magic attack on a single enemy.
  • A 5* Dagger-type Weapon: Celebration Blade.

Don’t forget to collect it before 30 days, or the gifts will disappear.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Gets Celebratory Messages

The team behind FFRK game give some celebratory messages, which you check in their official anniversary website here. You can see the messages from each of the person:

  1. Tetsuya Nomura – FFRK Creative producer
  2. Ichiro Hazama – FFRK Producer
  3. Yu Sasaki – FFRK Development Producer
  4. Nobuo Uematsu – FFRK Music Composer
  5. Naomi Sanada – FFRK Lead Artist
  6. Naoki Yoshida – FFRK Producer and Director

Tetsuya Nomura gives his special drawing for the 1st Anniversary. Notice a possible new character for FFRK main characters lineup below.

FFRK Drawing from Tetsuya nomura shows new Female Record Keeper character

The drawing from Tetsuya Nomura. There is a new female record keeper holding a “new story” book.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Nightmare Dungeon

Ultima Record in Nightmare Dungeon from FFRK

The third type of Dungeon: Nightmare Dungeon, has finally opened! It will also continue the main story of FFRK, which is the investigation of fading Final Fantasy records.

This is the brief explanation for Nightmare Dungeon, taken from in-game announcement:

  • The deep record realms of the Nightmare contain dungeons filled with extremely powerful foes.
  • Can only be entered during a certain time each month.
  • There are twelve Nightmare Records in all, and each month a new one becomes available.
  • If you can’t complete a Nightmare dungeon during the time it’s available, you can try again the next time it is open.

The first Nightmare Dungeon hold the Ultima Record, a key to create a 6* Black Magic Ability: Ultima. Ultima deals massive non-elemental magic attack to all enemies and it hits 2 times.

You can get some 6* materials needed to create the ability by completing and mastering the dungeon. 6* materials can also be gathered in upcoming events. Also, you can get a new 6* Accessory Bolt Armlet, which will give major Lightning resistance to whoever equips it.

Five dungeons in FFRK Ultima Nightmare Dungeon

There are 5 dungeons in each Nightmare Dungeon, with the fifth dungeon can be unlocked after you complete the previous 4 dungeons (in any order). You can have Record Synergy in the first 4 dungeons. The fifth dungeon will have a Nightmare Shift:

  • Nightmare Shift status is applied for characters who can use 5* Black Magic abilities (Note: The other Nightmare Dungeon will have different ability rule).
  • Nightmare Shift will increase the stats of each characters AND their equipment too.
  • After completing the dungeon, all heroes that were elligible for that Nightmare Shift status will be able to use 6* Black Magic abilities! (Note: This rule will also apply to the upcoming Nightmare Dungeons).


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Gets Super Soul Break Festivals!

FFRK Super Soul Break Festival Phases

The schedule for Super Soul Break Festival

The Super Soul Break Spectacular is a kind of ‘Relic Draw Festival’ event. Some Super Soul Break Equipment will get a drop rate bonus during the relic draw. You can head directly to Relic Draw menu to see which Super Soul Break Equipment get a drop rate bonus.

This will be a good chance to obtain your favorite Super Soul Break Equipment!


Tyro Appears in Triple Triad of Final Fantasy Portal App!

Tyro from FFRK in Triple Triad - Final Fantasy Portal App

Our beloved Record Keeper Tyro will make an appearance in the Triple Triad Game. You can get the 4* card and 5* card version of Tyro in the game. Tripe Triad needs to be accessed via Final Fantasy Portal App, which is already available in Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is already available for Android and iOS now. Read all post related to Final Fantasy here.


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