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Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st Anniversary is Celebrated with Sweepstakes, Quizzes, and Fortune Eggs

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is one of the most successful Final Fantasy games in the smartphone. Near its 1st year launching in the global, it has reached 10 million downloads! The in-game events are more festive because there is a whole bunch of events to celebrate the Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st anniversary.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Sweepstakes

Period: March 10 5.00 AM PST – April 5 11.59 PM PST

Final Fantasy Record Keeper 1st Anniversary most demanding prize: a Set of 10 Final Fantasy Items!

Currently, there are TWO sweepstakes running and you choose either to win (A) a set of 10 amazing Final Fantasy items, or (B) to win one set of Cloud plush and Sephiroth plush (available for 5 winners).

Cloud and Sephiroth plushies

For the Final Fantasy items set, here is the whole list of the AMAZING items you can get:

  1. Cloud Figure signed by Tetsuya Nomura.
  2. T-Shirt signed by producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida.
  3. Final Fantasy Advent Children Cloud Wall Scroll
  4. Final Fantasy Advent Children Sephiroth Wall Scroll
  5. Final Fantasy plush: Cloud
  6. Final Fantasy plush: Sephiroth
  7. Final Fantasy Advent Children T-Shirt
  8. Square Enix Members Exclusive Strap
  9. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Commemorative Post Card
  10. Japan Event – Exclusive Pamphlet

You can enter either of the sweepstakes by tapping the Special Icon on the Home screen and select your desired sweepstakes. The condition to enter is very easy even if you are a newbie.

More information can be found here.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Quizzes

Period: March 6 6.00 PM PST – March 24 11.59 PM PST

FFRK Quizzes for 1st anniversary

Some quizzes are being held in their official anniversary website . You can participate in the quizzes about Final Fantasy knowledge to help unlock some in-game rewards.

Here is how the quiz works:

  1. Choose your answers for each quiz.
  2. The answer that is selected the most often across all participants becomes the “Keeper’s Answer”.
  3. If there are more correct “Keeper’s Answer”, then there will be more rewards available in the game later.

If you are ready to brag about your Final Fantasy’s knowledge, just head to the website here. It’s a pretty basic knowledge quiz from various FF, so just give it a try.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Fortune Eggs

Period: March 13 6.00 PM PST – March 26 11.59 PM PST

FFRK Fortune Egg reading for 1st Anniversary

Another unique event is called Fortune Eggs event. Basically, you can ‘hunt’ for a ‘fortune egg’, ‘crack’ it, and read your fortune for today. The fortune is represented by a Core Class characters, like Warrior, Black Mage, Ninja, etc.

For example, I got a ‘Wandering White Mage‘ fortune reading with the message “Taking care of others is hard work, Kupo. A change of scenery is good for the should and the nerves!” (Author’s note: yeah, I may need it)

Wandering White Mage is one of the fortune egg examples from FFRK 1st anniversary

The more Fortune Eggs hunted across all the participants, the more in-game rewards available. You can try to read your fortune here (but you need to access it from mobile website).

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is already available for Android and iOS now.


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