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20% OFF Price! Final Fantasy IX for Android and iOS is Out Now!

Final Fantasy IX Cover

Fans of the Final Fantasy Series are rejoicing with the the latest entry for mobile market. Final Fantasy IX for Android and iOS was surprisingly just released by Square Enix. They indeed announced that the game will releases some time in the 2016, but no other heads up about the release date since then.

You can watch the trailer below:

Final Fantasy IX was originally released on PlayStation back in 2000. It is the final entry of main numbered Final Fantasy in the PlayStation console. Their next entry, Final Fantasy X, was released for PlayStation 2.

Final Fantasy IX for Android and iOS cover

Final Fantasy IX for Android is the first Final Fantasy entry from PlayStation that enter the Android market. The other PlayStation entry, Final Fantasy VII, was only released for iOS and there is no confirmation so far for Android release.

There is no changes in story and gameplay from the original Final Fantasy IX for PlayStation, but Square Enix included some nice features to enhance the user experience:

  • Google Play Games achievements. A nice feature for those who love challenges.
  • Game Boosters. For example, you can set a no Enemy encounter in the world map or make higher game speed.
  • Rework for characters graphic model and movies, so they look smoother now compared to the PlayStation version.
  • Support for Gamepad.
  • Cloud saves feature.
  • The neat Autosave feature.

Although the game is filled with a lot of nostalgic feeling, especially for the old fan of this game (mine included), there is a minor drawback. The data usage of this game consumes a LOT on your phone memory.

When your device perform initial download, you will need about 2 GB free memory space. There is a bit difference between Android and iOS space requirement, but basically you need that 2 GB plus another 2GB additional space when it downloads additional data after you launch the game.

That makes this game need around 4 GB to start, but according to IGN, you need a whopping 8 GB free space to be able to download the game and make it perform additional data download This can be too much for some mobile users.

Final Fantasy IX for mobile has enhanced graphic

The huge space consumption is due to enhanced HD graphic. It really smooth now compared to the PS Version!

If you don’t like to play it at your mobile device, you can still wait for the PC version. There is no confirmation yet for the PC release date.

Final Fantasy IX has been released on Android and iOS with 20% off price until February 21! You can download the game by clicking the buttons below.

 Download Adventures of Mana on App Store

Download Final Fantasy IX on Google Play


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