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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event: New FF VII Remake Artwork, New FF Manga, and More!

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary - Feature

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy Universe! To commemorate the occasion, Square Enix hosted a special event at the Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills venue in Tokyo, featuring a lot of announcements! The following list is curated from DualShockers, RPGSite, and vg247.  Let’s dive straight into it!

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary - FF VII RemakeWhile the event celebrates the 30th anniversary of the series, the event actually happened right on the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII! Square Enix has shared a new CG featuring Cloud and the infamous one winged angel.

  • Final Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy 30th Anniversary - FF XV

  • A new DLC featuring superhero themed exosuit costumes will be coming on February 21st.
  • Two new story DLCs will include: Episode Gladio which will release on March 28th and Episode Prompto, soon to release on June.
  • Final Fantasy XIV

  • Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the latest expansion, Stormblood, will be coming on June 20th.
  • A live action TV show Daddy of Light is announced, featuring the heartwarming story of a father and his child who bond through playing the game!
  • MiscellaneousFinal Fantasy 30th Anniversary - Lost Stranger

  • A new manga series Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger is announced in Japan. Featuring an original story by Hazuki Minase and art by Itsuki Kameya.
  • An FF14 themed escape room will be opening in Japan.
  • A partnership with Cup Noodle which will release 15 new flavors based on a classic FF villains. There’s also a special fork shaped like FF7’s Ultima Weapon.
  • A Final Fantasy-themed wine being released for the 30th, including Swarovski crystal covered glasses and priced at 100,000 Yen ($880/£700). Ifrit and Shiva themed wines are also coming.
  • A collaboration with the Ground Y brand, designed by Yohji Yamamoto, featuring a new FF-themed fashion line.
  • Over 100 Distant World concerts will be held all over the world. Brass de Bravo concerts with the Siena Wind Orchestra will be also held in Japan and Taiwan.
  • The upcoming Sapporo Snow Festival will have an FF7-themed snow sculptures featuring Cloud and Sephiroth.
  • Special cakes that’ll be on sale for around $35 featuring a Moogle, Chocobo and Cactuar.
  • An FF exhibition will take place in 2018 to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary.

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