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FF Tactics’ Developer Gives Detail About Lost Order

Lost Order

Cygames announced tactics RPG Lost Order last year which will be developed by Platinum Games. Recently, Famitsu Magazine gives updates about Lost Order in an interview. You can check Last Order interview summary as well as overview, characters, and screenshots below! [Thanks, siliconera!]

Lost Order - 1

Lost Order Interview Summary

  • The game is already developed by 70%
  • Next information about the game will be released sometime at the beginning of 2017
  • The main attraction of the game, based on the developer, is being able to fight together with rich 3D characters, let you enjoy the charm of real-time tactics. The control is also simple, with content such as team composition, equipment, and other strategic elements.


Lost Order - 2

Lost Order is labeled as a “real-time tactics” game, where its automatic battles take place on a vast field. Similar to other real-time strategy games, players will need to watch over the entire battlefield and make their strategic choices accordingly to situations.

The game takes place in the “Perished Capital of Gold Heaven,” a hierarchical city that was created for colonial purposes for a new continent. They say the story revolves around the issue of social disparity that is rooted in the city. There’s also the mysterious “Legend of the Thirteen Soaring Jet Black Knights” will also play a key in the game’s story.



Roz (CV: Koki Uchiyama)

A young man whose wish is to obtain true freedom. He continues his fight at Gold Heaven in order to seek the truth of what is right in the world.

Blaze (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)

He’s a clumsy young man, but one who cares a lot about his comrades. He has fallen into despair in the past, but was saved after meeting Roz and other friends.

Chelsea (Haruka Tomatsu)

A girl who loves her everyday life with friends. Her wish is for the current times to last forever, and keeps having a feeling of uneasiness about the thoughts of growing up or having the world change before her.

Shone (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)

An innocent girl. Whether it be growing up into an adult or the world sees any kind of change, she believes that she’ll continue being herself.

Lost Order is currently being developed for Android and iOS.


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