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Fantasy RPG Gate of Nightmares Announced for Smartphone

Gate of Nightmares

Square Enix has announced Gate of Nightmares, a fantasy RPG for smartphones. This game is a new collaborative work between the company and Fairy Tail creator, Hiro Mashima.


What is “Gate of Nightmares”?

Gate of Nightmares” is set in Lemuria, a world where people’s dreams and the “real world” in which they live are blended and materialized. The story is a royal adventure fantasy of swords and magic. The characters in the game are all newly drawn by Hiro Mashima, and the scenario by Hitoshi Fujisawa can be enjoyed in full voice.


Gate of Nightmares - Azel
Azel (CV: Hirose Yuya)
The main character of this game. Serious and hot-headed.
He has a constitution that is favored by Nightmares, demons born from nightmares.

Gate of Nightmares

Emma (CV: Lynn)
The heroine of this title. When she visits Lemuria for a quest, she encounters Azel, and from then on, she has to take care of him in some way…

Gate of Nightmares

Meruru (CV: Atsumi Tanesaki)
A quiet and natural girl, her memories of the past are vague, and many aspects of her life are shrouded in mystery.

Gate of Nightmares will launch for Android and iOS in the future.

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