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Famicom’s Visual Novel Banshee’s Last Cry Remake Announced for PS Vita Release

This week’s Famitsu issue revealed that Spike Chunsoft and 5pb. will be making a remake for Banshee’s Last Cry! Originally released on Super Famicom, the murder mystery visual novel will be available for PS Vita on February 16th, 2017. The remake will feature new visuals, scenarios, and voices actors! Let’s take a look at the official story from the game’s mobile version.


Banshee’s Last Cry is a thrilling visual novel that takes readers on a deadly thrill ride of murder and deception. Set in a snowed in hotel lodge during Christmas, vacationers find themselves caught up in a murderous “whodunit” game when someone winds up dead. Local legend tells of a banshee whose screams can rip through flesh, but, is the killer really a deadly monster or the work of a madman?

An inventive twist on the traditional novel, Banshee’s Last Cry allows readers to make decisions, each unlocking several unique stories and endings. Added to the mix is a soundtrack befitting of a thriller novel and images to set the mood.

Banshee’s Last Cry is a classic mystery game, revolving around Toru and his girlfriend Mari, who are caught into a murderous situation during their skiing trip. As the player, you will try to solve the crimes by finding clues scattered around the premise. If you failed to do so, another murder will occur and the story will also changes, bit by bit.

Here is the English list of the Character Voice (Thanks, Siliconera!):

  • Toru (CV: Ryota Osaka)
  • Mari Kobayashi (CV: Satomi Akesaka)
  • Jiro Kobayashi (CV: Kenichiro Matsuda)
  • Kyoko Kobayashi (CV: Noriko Rikimaru)
  • Toshio Kubota (CV: Kentaro Ito)
  • Midori Shinozaki (CV: Eri Sendai)
  • Kanako Watase (CV: Minami Takahashi)
  • Aki Kawamura (CV: Ayano Yamamoto)
  • Keiko Kitano (CV: Mariko Honda)
  • Seiichi Kayama (CV: Taiten Kusunoki)
  • Hayako Kayama (CV: Yu Asakawa)
  • Yosuke Mikimoto (CV: Hiroshi Shirokuma)
In addition, the new character designs will be handled by Alpha, a renowned artist that’s known created visuals for popular VN like Sharin no Kuni and G-Senjou no Maou. In other hand, the additional scenarios will be written by Ryukishi07, the creator of the Higurashi series!


Banshee’s Last Cry will be available for PS Vita in Japan on February 16th, 2017.


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