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Every Important Tidbits from Final Fantasy XIV E3 2016 Live Letter

Final Fantasy XIV - Palace of the Dead

The Final Fantasy XIV development team held a Letter from the Producer session at E3 2016. They shared a lot of details regarding the upcoming The Palace of the Dead, which is planned to release in patch 3.35, and also more details about future plans.

The important points during the event are as follows:


Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter

Q&A session

  • Since additional plots for the housing has been implemented, there are still some players in some server that are unable to get one as they are all sold out due to the high population of the server such as Balmung. Moreover, these housings mostly belong to individuals, while there are still free companies that are homeless and asked to be prioritized. In response to the issue, Yoshi-P (Naoki Yoshida, director) says that apartment housing system will be implemented in patch 3.4 in order to resolve this issue.
  • Reselling plots to gain profit is prohibited. Such deed should be reported so that Square Enix can take action regarding the issue.
  • The development team is planning on increasing the number of furnishings that can be placed in a property.
  • The number of items that can be stored in the inventory and armoury chest will be significantly expanded in the next expansion.
  • Though there are a lot of people complained that 2000 Mentor Roulette in order to obtain the Astrope mount is considered as too much, Yoshida has no plans to nerf it. Yoshida stated that if it is nerfed, people will tend to speedrun the duty instead of mentoring new players — which is the original purpose of the implementation of this mentoring system.
  • The Weeping City of Mhach is by far the most difficult and challenging 24-man raid content in the game, and it is satisfying to have that, since the previous 24-man raid content, The Void Ark is less challenging and has much higher clear rate compared to other 24-man raid contents in the game, such as Crystal Tower, etc. Therefore, the dev team will consider adding Savage mode difficulty for the Weeping City of Mhach. However,  the development team will keep on monitoring players’ performance in The Weeping City of Mhach before making any further adjustments.
  • The idea of 24-man savage raid is worth considering, development team says. It may or may not happen in the future.
  • The latest patch 3.3 Revenge of the Horde is so focused on the story that the other subplot seems more like an extra to the story. Yoshi-P says that it is the right pace for the main scenario to go on. For the expansion, it is decided that there will be more quests for players to level up, instead of just to advance through the story.
  • Since the Aquapolis is made available in the game, people have been asking the development team to allow them to stack the Timeworn Dragonskin Maps in the inventory. Originally, players can only carry one map in the inventory, and a trick that people do that allows them to carry two maps is by having one map deciphered, so that the map is moved to the key items slot, and then have another map in the inventory undeciphered. Yoshi-P understands the issue and says that it may be difficult to make it happen. But, they will try to come up with a solution to the issue.
  • Due to popular demand, the development team will consider implementing a roulette for 24-man raid dungeons, such as Crystal Tower, Syrcus Tower, etc.
  • The development team is aware of the players’ demand of adding stage furnishing, so that free companies can have their own small event for themselves. It will get into work soon.
  • People have been asking for weekly bonus MGPs for certain Gold Saucer attractions, and since the previous Make It Rain Campaign, Yoshida expressed that they will strongly consider to work on it.
  • New poses while sleeping, which has been quite a demand since 2014, are under development, and is planned to release in patch 3.35.
  • The development plans to add a function where players can report RMT (Real-Money Trade) harassment and send them into an in-game jail after accumulating enough reports, a similar function that is also applied in Dragon Quest X.
  • Sleipnir will probably join the band of the flying mounts if the demand is enough.
  • There has been requests to add RP (Role-Playing) icon to the game for players who are into role-playing. Yoshida agreed to that and will make it happen.


Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - Palace of the Dead Entrance

The Palace of the Dead entrance

  • The deep dungeon The Palace of the Dead will be made available in patch 3.35. The requirement to unlock the dungeon is simply to be at least higher than level 17, and talk to the corresponding NPC in Quarrymill to unlock.
  • Though it is not required, Yoshi-P recommends players to at least complete the main scenario up to patch 2.4 and have Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard) cleared in order to enjoy the story better.
  • As seen in the picture above in the “gear” part, the weapon is shown to be +10 and the armor is +8. It is to determine the strength/progress as you travel deeper into the dungeon. Gears from outside the deep dungeon is irrelevant. These gears can only be enhanced through the deep dungeon.
  • Players will have two “save slots” for The Palace of the Dead. How the players use the save slots is totally up to them. For example, save slot 1 can be used for solo matchmaking, while save slot 2 can be used for preformed party. However, keep in mind that there is a chance to have a party of 4 people consists of 4 monks, or 4 paladins as it is not bound by the light party composition.
  • When entering this deep dungeon, players will begin their progress from level 1. Fear not, as this progress is separated from the outside realm.

Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - Palace of the Dead Interface

The Palace of the Dead interface

  • The interface as shown in the picture above is exclusive to the deep dungeon. On the top left of the screen, it shows the exclusive items that can only be used in the deep dungeon. Every players in the party shares the same inventory, which is the “Items” part of the interface.
  • The gear level will be synced according to which floor you’re on.
  • The map is randomly generated every time you enter, which is shown on the top right of the screen.
  • There will be restrictions in the dungeon such as the inability to use item, or to sprint. A boss fight will occur in every 10 floors, in which players are able to save their progress afterwards. If party is defeated before reaching a save point, party will have to start again from the last save point.
  • At first, there will be only 50 floors available, and more will be added in the future — up to 100, and 200 as a “stretch goal”.
  • Treasure chests in the deep dungeon contain various things. There are consumable items, power ups for gears, or perhaps booby-traps.
  • Using certain items allows players to transform into monsters, such as Succubus or Manticore, and use the monster’s ability to players’ benefit.

Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - Palace of the Dead Save Point

Save point in the Palace of the Dead

  • Players will be able to use the glowing weapon outside the deep dungeon as a reward after reaching a certain level, by talking to the corresponding NPC in Quarrymill. Since it allows player to pick a weapon of choice as the reward, players don’t have to clear the content as a black mage to get the rod.
  • Players are free to save and reenter the deep dungeon after every 10 floors, as players will not receive any kind of penalty for leaving.
  • A session of 10 floors in the deep dungeon takes as much time as a regular dungeon, which is approximately 30 minutes. However, it might get longer and longer as the enemies are tougher in higher floors.
  • The level progression is faster compared to the outside realm. Players will reach level 60 by the time they got into floor 40.
  • There will be no lockouts to enter this dungeon, which means players can enter the Palace of the Dead as many times as they desire.
  • Players will be matched with other players with the same progression when entering it solo.


Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - Cait Sith Plushie

Cait Sith plushie

  • Cait Sith plushie will be made available globally at the start of Gamescom 2016.
  • Every Cait Sith plushie purchase comes along with an in-game item: Cait Sith Ears. Pre-orders are now available.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2016-2017 will be held in North America, Japan, and also Germany. Check out the schedule below.

Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - FFXIV Fan Fest 2016-2017

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2016-2017 schedule

  • Those who attend the Fan Festival or purchase one of the streaming option will obtain in-game items such as exclusive minions based on regions: Rikku minion for North America, Lulu minion for Japan, and Yuna minion for Europe.

Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - FFXIV Fan Fest 2016-2017 Minions

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2016-2017 minion reward

  • In addition to that, attendees will get a “top secret” glamour outfits which will be revealed later.
  • The reason why it is still unrevealed is because the glamour outfit is still under development, says Yoshi-P. Therefore, he advises not to have high expectation of it. Square Enix will surely share more details about it prior to the Fan Fest.

Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - FFXIV Fan Fest 2016-2017 Top Secret Glamour Outfits

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2016-2017 top secret glamour outfit

  • The pre-sales for the Las Vegas Fan Fest will start next week. Each person is allowed to purchase up to 4 tickets. This is to prevent the website to crash as it happened in the past, and also a way to mitigate scalpers.
  • Every active subscribers to Final Fantasy XIV between May 1, 2016 to June 6, 2016 gets an email regarding the pre-sale ticket for the Fan Fest.
  • Square Enix is also working on merchandizing the Moogle Slippers that were added in patch 3.3.

Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2016 Live Letter - Moogle Slippers

Moogle Slippers

  • Lastly, Yoshi-P was not allowed to reveal the release date for patch 3.35 but, he hinted that it’ll be around mid-July, which is one month from now. Please look forward to it.

Check out the video below to see the entire live letter for more detailed information.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and also PC.


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