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Ever Oasis Gets Overview Trailer and Some Character Details

Ever Oasis Gets Overview Trailer and Some Character Details

Trailer after trailer has been revealed by Grezzo and Nintendo. The first being an introduction trailer, and then a showcase of the landscapes. Today we get another trailer for Ever Oasis! An overview trailer that shows some of the stories and gameplay.

Accompanying the trailer are details about the some of the characters. We get to know about Seedlings, the tribe that we are going to play as, then Esna the Water Spirit, and lastly the Noots; a penguin and owl hybrid.

Seedlings are basically plant people. This tribe posses the Green Gale, a special power that generates a strong wind. Even though Green Gale is a strong attack, there are still enemies that are resistant to this, so it’s wise to bring allies with you when exploring or facing enemies so they can cover your weaknesses. As the Seedlings levels up, they will gain access to support skill to boost allies’ strength as they levels up. For your information, your Seedling is not fixed like the Seedling in most of the game advertisement, as you can customize its appearance to your liking.

Next we have Esna the Water Spirit. She is the most precious spirit in the world of Ever Oasis. Why? Because of course water is the most precious resources in a desert! Especially if the world itself is a desert, and there’s only one Oasis left in it; Esna’s Oasis! As seen from the details, your role in the game is to build up the Oasis, and Esna can help the you by providing praise and encouragement. You definitely need that to build an Oasis for the world.

Lastly about one of the NPC. Most of the NPC will stay in the Oasis, but one; the Noots. This penguin-owl hybrid purpose in the Oasis is only to visit the Bloom Booths to buy various goods that you sell. If there are a group of Noots in the Oasis, they will act as a group, and also an impulsive shoppers. Prepare your goods for the Noots!

Ever Oasis will be available for Nintendo 3ds at June 23rd in US.


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