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Dungeon Tracker Allows You to Work Out and Level Up Simultaneously

Dungeon Tracker - Title

Have you ever get that moment when you just want to level up your characters but, you also need to work out to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Dungeon tracker is the right solution for that. Dungeon Tracker is a game that combines fitness-tracking app and RPG into one, developed by Asura Productions. It allows you to track your fitness record, which is usual in a fitness-tracking app. Every steps you take in real life will be converted as mana in the game.

Fitness-tracking feature

The game is initially designed for iPhone and Apple Watch. How about Android? it might happen, if they are able to reach that stretch goal.

Store and equipment window

Dungeon Tracker has yet to be launched since it is still under development. Check out the kickstarter page for further details on how the game works, the project, the team, the stretch goals, and more.

Dungeon Tracker will be available for iPhone and Apple Watch.


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