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Dragon Quest XI Skill Panel Is Introduced

Through Jump magazine issue as well as Dragon Quest XI‘s official website, Square Enix showcases skill system for the game. The game will use skill panel, taking Final Fantasy-esque approach. You can see the screenshots and details for this Dragon Quest XI skill panel below.

First of all, we get to see the “Skill Panel” system on both platform, which is the main character progression mechanic included in the game. Each character has his or her panel. By allocating skill points acquired through leveling to the panel, you can acquire special skills, or increase the value of abilities.

Special skills that can be learned depend on the personality and skill of each character, and you can expand in different directions on the panel to acquire different kinds of abilities, or focus on one direction to grab strong ones early on.

We also get to see the nostalgic “Spell of Restoration,” that lets you record the main character’s name and his progress in the story in a password. Inserting that password in a different version of the game will let you restart from the same point, even if levels, money and inventory will be set as a default level depending on story progression, since only so much can be stored in the password. This will let players jump between the PS4 and 3DS (and presumably Switch) versions of the game at will.

In addition, some of the characters’ abilities that can be learned with the Skill Panel system are as follows:

  • Protagonist “Giga Slash” – Deals heavy damage with a blade of lightning.

  • Camus “Steal” – Steal an item from the enemy.

  • Veronica “Magic Awakening” – Increases spell power.

  • Senya “Fire Melody” – Fire protection.

  • Sylvia “Flute of Fascination” – Charms monsters with a flute.

  • Martina “Vacuum Kick” – Powerful kick attack.

  • Rou “Caster Surgar” – Enlightenment that brings a boost in spell effects.

In case you haven’t get enough news from Dragon Quest XI, we can guide them for you: character and combat detail, flying dragon mount, and story twist.

Dragon Quest XI will be available for 3DS, and PlayStation 4 on July 29th 2017 in Japan. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch version is yet to be announced. Read more post related to Dragon Quest here.


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