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Dragon Quest XI Screenshots Show World and Characters

Dragon Quest XI Screenshots Show World

Square Enix released the latest Dragon Quest XI screenshots! This latest Dragon Quest XI screenshots show world as well as characters. Through the screenshots, we also see the difference between the PS4 and 3DS versions. There also screenshots of two locations of the game’s setting, the Ishi village and the Tree of Life. Check them out below!


Dragon Quest XI Screenshots Show World - The worldDragon Quest XI Screenshots Show World - Tree of Life

Dragon Quest XI takes place in the world of Lotozetasia. All life in this world is originated from a sacred tree called “Great Tree of Life.”


The protagonist comes from Ishi village which is located around a quiet gorge. There aren’t many shops and facilities in the village, but it has proper in livestock. There is a tradition in this village where those who turn 16 must climb a rocky mountain called the “Rock of God”.

Above we can see the difference on the environment’s appearance between two versions. On the PlayStation 4 version, we’ll see beautiful fields full of flowers and trees, flowing waterfalls, and monsters depicted splendidly. We’ll also get to watch the livelihood of townsfolk in detail.  Meanwhile, in the 3DS version, we’ll get to see both the “3D Mode” on the top screen as well as the old school-style in the “2D Mode” on the bottom screen. At the beginning, you can choose between the 3D Mode and the 2D Mode. As you advance further, you’ll get to choose again between both modes. In battle mode, 3D Mode will allow you to see both the party and the monsters in a 3D. Meanwhile, in 2D Mode, they will appear like in classic Dragon Quest games, with just the sprites of the monsters appear on screen.


The protagonist is a young man who lives in Ishii. After turning 16, he goes through a coming-of-age ceremony and finds out that he’s the reincarnation of a “hero” who once saved the world. And so, he must take on a big mission.  The question is; who is the hero? What is his mission? In order to confirm this, the protagonist leaves his hometown and goes to his journey.

Besides the protagonist, we are also introduced to two other characters, Emma and Camus.


Emma is the protagonist’s childhood friend. Both of them challenge the coming-of-age ceremony when they turn 16. She is the one who first sees the seal on the hero’s left hand, that shines when he is in danger, thus awakening a mysterious power.


Camus is a blue-haired thief who meets the protagonist during his journey. He is rough when it comes to speech and behavior, but actually he’s loyal and honest. As a seasoned traveler, he’ll guide and support the protagonist as his partner.

Dragon Quest XI will be available for Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and PlayStation 4 in the future before March 27, 2017 in Japan. Read more post related to Dragon Quest here.


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