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Dragon Quest XI Introduces Restricted Play System

Dragon Quest XI Restricted Play System

Just days ago we got a sneak peek of Dragon Quest XI’s casino through Jump Magazine. This time, through the game’s official website, we see more of the horse racing and casino element. Not only that, but we are also given new information about the game through Square Enix’s newest livestream. The detail includes feature such as restricted play system.

Casino Elements

■ Places to Stop By

There are a number of places to stop by in Dragon Quest XI, including the series’ familiar casino, as well as completely new locations.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is popular sport in some countries. Compete against famous knights to determine the best horse rider. If you win, you will receive a prize.


At the casino, you can exchange the coins you have on hand to enjoy various games such as the slots and roulette. You can exchange the coins you earn for wonderful prizes. You may even be able to acquire valuable items.

—Slots: Spend coins to spin the reel, and if the pattern lines up, you’ll win a heaping of coins!

—Poker: A five-card card game. You can even double up by betting the coins you win!

—Roulette: On which number and color will the ball stop? Take on this single-point-concentrated game where you’ll either win big or lose big!


There are many people with troubles in the world. It is the duty of the hero to help such people. If you solve their problems well, you’ll receive a reward as a thank-you.

Small Medals

All over the world, you can sometimes find “Small Medals.” It is said that there is someone somewhere in the world who will give you wonderful rewards in exchange for them. Collect these medals to get rewards.

Game Details

■ Samadhi, the Desert Town

A desert town called Samadhi was revealed.

Dragon Quest XI Restricted Play System

■ Q&A

01. In making the 30th anniversary title and 11th numbered title, was there anything that you were inspired by?

Before the development of Dragon Quest XI, the staff went to Machu Picchu, so you may see its atmosphere reflected in the map.

02. What is that white monster on the Dragon Quest Life website?

Dragon Quest XI Restricted Play System

These monsters are called “incarnations of time.” You’ll frequently encounter them in various locations throughout the game world. Horii couldn’t say too much, as it would be a spoiler.

03. We’ve seen Ishi Village and Delcadar Kingdom, but what other villages and towns exist in the world of Dragon Quest XI?

There are about 20 bases, including villages, towns, and castles. A Japanese-stlye, Jipang-esque “fire town” was shown, pictured below. A major event will happen here.

Dragon Quest XI Restricted Play System

■ Restricted Play System

Dragon Quest XI will have a “Restricted Play” system, allowing you to play the game with certain restrictions. A screenshot was shown where shopping was restricted. Even when you talk to the owner of the shop while playing with shopping restrictions, you won’t be able to see what he is selling.


Through the video above, you can see the game’s gameplay. Both version are included in that trailer. PlayStation 4 version starts at 30:53, followed by Nintendo Switch version which starts at 46:16. In addition, there is also a special web trailer below:


Dragon Quest XI will be available for 3DS, and PlayStation 4 on July 29th 2017 in Japan. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch version is yet to be announced. Read more post related to Dragon Quest here.


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