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Dragon Quest XI Camus Abilities + New Gameplay Revealed!

Dragon Quest XI Camus Abilities

Dragon Quest XI protagonist and Camus get more details through this week’s issue of Jump Magazine! Appropriately, the magazine details Dragon Quest XI Camus and the protagonist’s skills as well as abilities. In addition, the game’s new dungeon gameplay and new restriction is also revealed during an event in Sapporo.



  • Sword Dance (Sword God Skill) – A sword skill that looks like a dance with its multiple hits on the enemy.
  • Kaclang (Spell) – Prevents an ally from taking damage for a turn.
  • Devotion Slash (Two-Handed Sword Skill) – Puts all of his power for an attack from the two-handed sword.
  • Zone Certain Hit (Hero Skill) – Guarantees Zone state activation, which increases parameters.
  • Dragon Slash (Single-Handed Sword Skill) – An attack that deals extra damage against Dragon-type enemies.


  • Clone (Superhuman Skill) – Triples the action effects with two clones.
  • Sword Guard (Single-Handed Sword Skill) – Makes it easier to guard enemy attacks with a weapon.
  • Assassin Attack (Dagger Skill) – A single strike that hits the enemy vitals for a chance at an instant kill.
  • Starburst Throw (Boomerang Skill) HIts all enemies with a blade of light.
  • Jibariina (Spell) – Brings out a magic circle on the floor that damages enemies when they take actions.

Restriction System

Previously, a restricted play system was explained during Square Enix’s livestream. So far, there are already three restrictions in the game in which certain features are disabled: being unable to shop, being unable to run away from battle, and being unable to equip armor. The newest restriction revealed is ashamed curse, where players will unable to speak properly to people in town, causing embarrassing things to happen in battle that make you unable to act, and has various other embarrassing elements.

New Gameplay

As usual, the gameplay gives us a look of the two versions of the game, the PlayStation 4 one and the 3DS one. In this gameplay, the 3DS version starts at 28:44 to 40:50 and shows us the Labyrinth Beyond Time dungeon. Meanwhile, the PS4 version shows Ominous Bird’s Ravine dungeon that starts from 46:32 until 57:15.

Dragon Quest XI will be available for 3DS and PlayStation 4 on July 29th 2017 in Japan. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch version is yet to be announced. Read more post related to Dragon Quest here.


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