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Dragon Quest Walk: Trailer and Features Revealed!

Dragon Quest Walk Cover

When Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm circa 2016, it felt invigorating to literally walk around the neighborhood to catch some of the rarest Pokémons. Now, Square Enix decided to add a breath of Pokémon Go gameplay into their up-and-coming smartphone game, Dragon Quest Walk. 


Below is the trailer for Dragon Quest Walk, presented by none other than Square Enix themselves.


The awesome thing is you can visit your local landmarks in real life, while battling some of the strongest in-game NPCs with your favorite Dragon Quest monsters. In addition, you can also customize your ‘house’ with various furnishings and ornaments. Oh, and for the frosting on the cake, you can also level up your characters and your house. How cool is that?!

If you’re domiciled in Japan, you can also register for the Open Beta by clicking here.

Though the Open Beta was announced, the release date for both iOS and Android devices are yet to be revealed. Seeing the Open Beta was first issued in Japan, most likely the game will release in Japan first, before continuing the localization to other regions.

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