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Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Popularity Gap, Explained by Square Enix

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Artwork

We already know that both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy franchises are made by Square Enix. However, apparently Final Fantasy is a more successful title in the west compared to the Dragon Quest series, even though the later is big in Japan. Dragon Quest executive producer, Yu Miyake, spoke in last month’s issue of gaming magazine EDGE about this Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy popularity gap. [Thanks, NintendoEverything.]

Miyake attributed the difference to “historical timing”. He said, Dragon Quest became popular in Japan with the release of the Famicom, while Final Fantasy VII became a success in the west with the release of PlayStation. Additionally, Miyake mentioned that the difference in art also has a role. While Dragon Quest’s art design is not seen as “childish” in Japan, he believes that there is a stigma in the west attached to that sort of cartoonish design, thus limiting the potential audience for the games. He also said that Square Enix has been putting a lot of effort into promoting Dragon Quest’s spin-offs overseas, hoping that it will “soften the ground” for the upcoming Dragon Quest XI. Additionally, Dragon Quest maintains the balance between providing a ‘traditional’ experience as well as making sure that the formula is fresh and not overly familiar. You can read the full commentary from Miyake here.

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