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Dragon Ball: Fusions Trailer Shows Fusion System + Dr. Slump’s Arale is Available Too!

Dragon Ball Fusions: Characters

The new Dragon Ball RPG just recently got an interesting announcement. In the latest week Jump’s issue, Bandai Namco has revealed that Arale from Dr. Slump will be available as a fusion partner in the game. You can see the ‘Towale‘ character below. (thanks @Kazu4281)

Arale fro Dr. Jump will appear in Dragon Ball: Fusions according to this week's Jump issue

Dragon Ball: Fusions is a new Dragon Ball franchise, where you will be able to make your own characters and also fuse other Dragon Ball characters. You can take a look for the first released Dragon Ball: Fusions trailer below.

The trailer starts with a peek of the story, followed by how you make your own characters. You can also see the world’s exploration and battle gameplay, where you will have a team with up to 5 party members. You can collect various Dragon Ball characters, from the very first series until the recent entry Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball: Fusions trailer highligh story, gameplay and fusion system

Fusions everywhere!!

Dragon Ball: Fusions will be released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 4, 2016. No words for US version release yet.


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