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Dragon Ball: Fusions Battle Trailer Details Combat Features!

Dragon Ball: Fusions Characters

Bandai Namco has released a new Dragon Ball: Fusions battle trailer. In this trailer, they explain the mechanism of battle. It is interesting to note that you can make ALL your characters fused together to perform an ultimate attack!

Check out the trailer below.

The trailer begins with a glimpse of exploration first and then followed by the battle explanation. You can also read below for some combat explanations:

1. In Fusion World, the characters attack using a timeline order battle system that closely resembles Mana Khemia or Final Fantasy X battle system. The closest character to the right line will attack first.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Battle uses Timeline Battle Turn Order

2. There are three basic commands to attack enemies in battle: Fight, Energy Ball, and Special Attack. Fight is a close-ranged melee attack with high speed, while Energy Ball uses the ‘Ki’ energy to fire multiple attacks, depends on your characters. Special Attack is the most powerful command.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Commands

3. Beside attacking enemies, there are other options such as ‘Charge Ki‘ and ‘Check Power‘. You need to strategize between using all of these commands in order to win the battle.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Charge Ki

4. Dragon Ball: Fusions characters adopt a ‘Triangle System‘ where each character is assigned a certain element between these three: Power, Technique, and Speed. Power beats Technique, Technique beats Speed, and Speed beats Power. Keep this thing in mind when creating a party.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Triangle System Power Speed Technique

5. Another feature in battle is the ‘Ring Out‘ system, where you can blow the enemies outside the ‘battle ring’ and delayed their battle order. Also, your characters can perform ‘Support Attack‘ from multiple characters by keeping their turn order close to each other.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Ring Out

6. ‘Special Attacks‘ comes with three different categories. ‘Fight-type‘ deals higher damage than the basic and blows off the enemies. ‘Energy Ball-type‘ can hit multiple enemies although not as strong as the ‘Fight-type’. ‘Support-type‘ has various effects such as healing or buffs.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Special Attacks

7. There is a Maxi Gauge in battle that will let you choose between two options after fully filled: All-Out-Attack or Maxi Fusion. The ‘All-Out-Attack‘ lets you charge the enemies into an ‘action battle style’ by pressing A and X for physical and energy attacks, B and Y for evading and guarding (no people, this is not Persona). ‘Maxi Fusion‘ lets all of your character to fuse together and perform a devastating attack to your enemies.

Dragon Ball: Fusions Maxi Fusion

Dragon Ball: Fusions will be released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 4, 2016. No words for US version release yet.


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