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Digimon World: Next Order English Version will Have More Content, English Dub, and More!

Digimon World: Next Order Launch Trailer

As previously reported, Digimon World: Next Order will have English version available for PlayStation 4. This time, more details about the Digimon World: Next Order English version are revealed. The details are taken from Gematsu‘s interview with the game’s producer during New York Comic Con 2016.

For a quick summary, there are some important information from the interview.

  • There will be no PS Vita localization for the game, since their purpose is to update the game’s graphic to adjust with PS4’s graphic. Moreover, PS Vita’s market is small outside Japan.
  • More new content is available in this English version, including enhanced graphic and higher difficulty level.
  • Digimon World: Next Order will have English dub, since the previous game, Cyber Sleuth, was so popular oversea.
  • It is still unclear whether option to switch between English voice and Japanese voice is available.

more details about the Digimon World: Next Order English version

The information above is based on parts of the interview which we summarized below. For the complete interview, refer to Gematsu here.

Can you share a bit about the new content included in the PlayStation 4 version for the overseas release?

Habu: “Of course, since we brought it to PlayStation 4, the graphics have been improved. And we adjusted the balance of the gameplay itself so that it’s harder to clear.”

Right. That was a complaint with the Japanese release, no?

Habu: “The main consumers in Japan, the real core fans, played the previous games, so they really knew how to play this one. We thought we made it difficult enough for the Japanese core fans, but apparently it wasn’t. So we made it more difficult for the overseas release. We have “Easy,” “Normal,” and “Hard.” The Japanese version is Easy mode, then you have the higher difficulty versions for the overseas release. We also added more Digimon and more events—I can’t say the number specifically right now, but we added quite a lot of both.”

Was this content cut from the PS Vita version? Or was it created entirely new for the overseas release?

Habu: “We made it specifically for the PlayStation 4 version.”

You have an English dub this time, which is something you didn’t have with Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. What compelled you to do a dub this time?

Habu: “The previous game, Cyber Sleuth, which launched in March, was very popular in the States, so that kind of gave us the push to do the English voices this time.”

Was that something you wanted to do, but couldn’t, for Cyber Sleuth?

Habu: “Indeed. It was because Cyber Sleuth was so popular and sold so well that we were able to put English voices into this one.”

You’ll have the option to switch between English and Japanese, right?

Habu: “I think it’s just English for the U.S. version.” (Editor’s Note: I’d forgotten this at the time, but the fact sheet mentions both English and Japanese voice-overs, so fear not.)

Does it imply that there was an English version of the game for PS Vita in development as well?

Habu: “A PS Vita localization wasn’t planned. The main purpose was to bring the game to PlayStation 4, to update the graphics for PlayStation 4, so we couldn’t put that back into PS Vita. The PS Vita market is pretty small overseas, so we wanted to bring out our best in PlayStation 4.”

Digimon World: Next Order will be available for PlayStation 4 in US later at 2017. Read all post related to Digimon here.


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