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DIgimon Survive Announced for Switch and PS4 as Survival Strategy RPG!

DIgimon Survive Announced for Switch and PS4 as Survival Strategy RPG!

Calling out for Digimon fans! Are you guys carving for a new Digimon game after the release of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory? If the answer is a huge YES, you got yourself an answer from Bandai Namco. The latest Weekly Jump (via Ryokutya2089) has reveal Digimon Survive for next year release! It’s still will be a Japan only release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Digimon Survive tells a story about a boy named Takuma Momotsuka who’s camping in some place, but suddenly finds himself in another world full of dangerous life-threatening monsters. This is the world of the digimons. He then sets out a journey with Agumon for a way back home.

DIgimon Survive Announced for Switch and PS4 as Survival Strategy RPG!

Above are the first look of the game. It has a combination of 2D and 3D graphics; while the coversation and exploration (i think) parts are done in 2D anime-like graphics, the battles are using 3D.

We can’t really tell if it has a strategy style battle or the usual turn based, but it’s confirmed Digimon Survive is a strategic game. You will have to move your digimon in grids like the usual strategy RPGs, but with an addition of “Energy” which is consumed in battle, including for digivolving your digimons. Since this is a strategy game, you must prepare a good strategy to use the energies properly, if you want to win.

One thing i found unique about the game is how your choices will affect your digimon evolutions, and of course, the story development. It’s like those choices matter games, but RPG style.

Another thing worth mentioning is, you will be doing a lot of exploring and also investigating various points on the field to find keys to the story. Don’t worry, both exploration and investigation are done with point-and-click style.

Bandai Namco have yet to reveal more information, including release date and maybe some more screenshots. But, we can definitely visit Digimon Survive’s official website. There’s an announcement for a live stream on July 29 in YouTube and Nico Video. Maybe they will reveal those information there? Stay tuned!

Digimon Survive will be available sometime in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan.

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