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Death End re;Quest Trailer Shows Battle System Overview

Death End re;Quest Trailer Shows Battle System

Getting closer to the release date of Death End re;Quest this March. Compile Heart seemed so excited to teased the fans with a brand new trailer. And this one Death End re;Quest trailer shows battle system overview.

Reckoning there haven’t any Death End re;Quest trailer focusing to the battle system, thus this one is surely very eagerly awaited.


If you’ve been playing other Compile Heart game, this battle system is familiar. Which generally lets you be able to maximalize your favorite waifus, including the Glitch Style, option to switch off their clothes in exchange for deadly attack powers.

Moreover, during your turn you can freely move in the battle field. There’s also a Tri-Act system allows you to select three acts ahead to strategize depends on your situation.

Fields have something called Field Bugs that increases contamination level and debuffs when touched. Being contaminated has an advantage because you can enter into Glitch Style form. However, keep in mind not to get contaminated to much or you’ll be out of action for a while.

To avoid unwanted contaminated level, you can get around Field Bugs. Another way is by taking advantage of the Knock-Bug system which allows you to knock them back along with enemies for additional damage. You can also perform a Knock Blow by hitting an enemy towards an ally for a pinball effect to get extra damage.

Death end Re;Quest will be available in Japan on March 1, 2018 for PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, no Western release confirmation just yet.

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