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Death End re;Quest Delayed in Japan; New Trailer Showing Combat Mechanic!

Death end Re;Quest First Trailer Shows Some Key Characters & World

Compile Heart announced a delay for Death End re;Quest which was expected to be released on March 1st. They didn’t unfold any precise reason though, but the game will be available on April 12th. It’s just a bit over a month.

Still, Compile Heart shows their apology by giving away a DLC bikini for the S-rank reward pre-order campaign which was not unlocked before the January 31st. The DLC contains a set of bikinis for the game’s heroines that initially addressed only for A-rank rewards.

Storyline via Compile Heart

The protagonist is a programmer named Shin Mizunashi who receives an email from “Shiina Ninomiya,” who was said to have gone missing a year ago. Shin must take action in order to save a girl who is stuck and unable to logout from a VRMMORPG called “World Odyssey” that discontinued its development. Shiina has been existing as the only player in the bug-filled World Odyssey. Shin will work with NPCs who possess hearts as well as real-life coworkers “in” and “out” of the game.
As Shiina travels along, she suddenly gets warped through a ‘Dimensional Rift’ bug into a room that is entirely black and white, separate from the game Worlds Odyssey.


Moreover, Compile Heart also shares a brand new trailer of the game. This trailer begins with the well-known waifus, but then your eyes will be spoiled by the gorgeous combat mechanics. You can also enjoy the battle system trailer.

Death end Re;Quest will be available in Japan on April 12, 2018 for PlayStation 4. No English localization confirmation so far.

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