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Crystar Details Some Story and Gameplay Elements


A lot of updates coming from FuRyu’s Crystar by Kanon scenario writer Naoki Hisaya. Via its official website, they added more story, gameplay, details, screenshots, and videos.

Story via FuRyu

Rei and her sister Mirai was lost in the afterlife world, Limbo.

While the two puzzled sisters searched for a way to return to their original worlds, they get assaulted by the unknown.

In order to protect her sister Mirai, Rei awakens extraordinary powers to fight. However, she goes berserk with this power and kills Mirai with her very own hands.

A devil whispers to the Rei in despair.

“If you reap the souls of the dead that wander the afterworld, and sacrifice the tears shed at the end of their suffering, the dead Mirai can be “revived.”

Rei made a deal with the devil for her sister, and the stage is set for her to fight for life.

In order to save her sister, Rei will travel between the real-world and the afterworld “Limbo,” where she’ll fight against the unknown beasts.

Rei will find herself cornered as she fights with her life against the dead souls wandering Limbo.

“Is this the right thing to do? Will my sister really be saved?”

As the heavy thoughts pile up as “tears” shed, she continued to fight.


Game System

The defeated soul of the dead leave behind their “Last Grasp” that stays with Rei and continues to torment her.

After letting go of the tears and thoughts within her, she turns it into power and continues moving forward.

The tears and feelings that Rei can’t hold together become a powerful force that summons a guardian.

Character Videos

Rei Hatada (CV: Reina Kondou)

Mirai Hatada (CV: Sayaka Senbongi)

Mephis (CV: Shiori Izawa)

Pheles (CV: Rika Tachibana)

Heraclitus (CV: Joji Nakata)

Crystar will be released in Japan on October 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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