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Criminal Girls X Announced for Smartphone and PC!

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Mikage LLC. (new studio by former Imageepoch president Ryoei Mikage) announced a new game entitled Criminal Girls X. This RPG is still currently under development for smartphones and PC in Japan, to celebrate the 10th anniversary for the RPG series, which launched back in 2010.

The Japan release will support VR, and a PS4 version could happen too. It’s possible to add in high-end VR unit support, but that’s to be discussed later on.

The story is being helmed by Sou Yoda (Criminal Girls7th DragonStella Glow), while new illustrator Kei Mochizuki is in charge of character designs. Japanese sound composer Nekodaruma is working on the soundtrack, while Tokyo Chronos graphic designer Katou will be participating in the project as well. [Thanks, Gematsu!]

As for the story, main storywriter Sou Yoda stated that he understands people are curious about what will change in terms of story considering the shift from consoles to mobiles. He reassured that the main story will be quite traditional and will have a clear ending.

More info is set to be released on April 26, 2019. You can visit the game’s official website here, while the official Twitter is here.

Protagonist (CV: Yuuichirou Umehara)

Heroine (CV: Chiwa Saitou)

Criminal Girls X is being produced around the theme of “pure love.”

The heroine, the protagonist’s fiancee, is dragged into a mysterious incident and loses her life as a result.

After living a full life in order to rescue his beloved, the protagonist prays to God.

In that moment he learns the truth, that his fiancee’s soul has descended to Asura, the domain on the brink of hell.

“I want to hold her in my arms again…”

The protagonist awakens in the form of a cat, surrounded by a group of 24 young women.


Criminal Girls X is in development for iOS, Android, and PC in Japan.

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