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Code Vein Character Creation, Hot Spring, and Season Pass Are Showcased in Latest Footage

Code Vein Character Creation 5

A lot of Code Vein-related videos are showcased in this year’s E3! We are given Code Vein character creation, gameplay, hot spring, and more. Additionally, a Season Pass is also revealed. Check it out!


Character Creation

We can get a good look at character creation with voice actor Kaito Ishikawa. This feature allows us to create what kind of revenant you want, not to mention the large variety of outfits. This feature can be accessed at any time by looking in the mirror at the base.

Pre-Order Bonus

The pre-order bonus is “Venous Claw” and the God Eater crossover weapon pack. In addition, it also gives us a couple of emotes and a bath towel costume that will be included in the Famitsu and Dengeki editions in Japan.

Hot Spring

There will be a Hot Springs feature at the Headquarters, in which you can have a conversation with allies. There is also a ‘recall past memories’ option while in the spring. Interestingly, you can actually explore the headquarters while wearing just the bath towel.

Season Pass

Code Vein Character Creation 5

There will be additional dungeons, new Blood Codes, and color variations included in this season pass. Those contents will be released in three waves, and you can pre-purchase them together through the Season Pass. In addition, buying Season Pass will earn you a bonus: a white variation of Mia’s outfit, ‘Astrea’ Blood Code, and a PS4 theme. Get the Season Pass for 2,700 yen (without tax)!


Code Vein Character Creation 5

Apparently Code Vein manga version is incoming too. The manga will be titled Code Vein – Memory Echoes-.

Code Vein will be available on September 28th, 2018worldwide for PCPlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the Japan release is September 27th, 2018. You can already pre-order it on Amazon. Check our coverage of E3 2018 here!

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