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Code Vein Announced by God Eater Developer!

Code Vein

Bandai Namco announced a vampire action RPG titled Code Vein. We get the details and 1080p screenshots for the game through Famitsu that you can check below!

Here is the overview of the game courtesy of DualShockers:

The world is in ruins due to a catastrophe named “the Thorns of Judgement,” and those who survived are named Revenants, united in a secret society called “Vein.” Revenants abandoned part of their humanity in order to survive destruction, losing most of their memories in order to gain superhuman powers. In order to keep what’s left of their humanity, they need to feed on blood, or transform into heteromorphic creatures named “Lost.”

Those who become Lost are condemned to haunt the world forever, seeking more and more blood, suffering from thirst that can never be satisfied. There are countless of them now, and the instinct that stirs the need for more blood is prevailing.

The player is a Revenant who travels the world seeking the truth, why they were born, and whether there is a way out from this world. The story will lead them to uncover the huge secret behind Vein.

The game is set in vast dungeons that can be challenges alongside a companion character. This companion also evolves as the story progresses, and this relationship will be crucial to overcome the difficulties of the adventure.

Players can select and use various weapons like swords, rifles with bayonets, spears and more according to their favorite playstyle. In addition to that, the freedom of the combat system is enhanced by the “Blood Veil,” which is basically a Revenant’s fangs.

The Blod Veil is an armor piece with the main purpose of sucking blood. It activates in the form of a mask, siphoning the blood of the victim in the user’s mouth. There are multiple types of Blood Veils, including long distance variants that act like the tail of a scorpion. By using the blood sucked with the Blood Veil, it’s possible to activate various abilities like special attacks, self-buffs and debuffs on the enemies.

Code Vein is being developed by God Eater Team and is said to be 35 percent complete. The full gameplay trailer is coming in May. The platform for the game is currently unknown, but it will come in 2018. Additionally, Code Vein is also scheduled to have a worldwide release.

Code Vein will be released some time in Japan in 2018. The platform is yet to be announced.


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