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Children of Zodiarcs Announced with Launch Trailer!

Children of Zodiarcs main pic

Following its teaser trailerCardboard Utopia‘s tactical RPG Children of Zodiarc surprises us with its new launch trailer. For your info (in case you forgot), the company is Square Enix‘s successful Kickstarter campaign. Following its success, they release the new launch trailer, which is available by playing the video below:

How do you like this trailer? Seems convincing, isn’t it?

A little bit about the game, though. You will be playing as Nahmi and her allies (which are outcast), and you will be given a task to strike back the upper echelons of Torus by rolling dice and deck. This feature can be enjoyed during the in-game battle (of course!). Still on the same topic, Jason Kim, a Creative DIrector at Cardboard Utopia said:

The game tells the story of a band of professional thieves on the hunt for an ancient relic,

Their adventure sees them infiltrating the private chambers of one of the realm’s corrupt nobles, alerting Toran’s authorities and sending them on the run to stay alive.

This means taking to the city’s slums and wading through the underworld, chased down by heavily armed city guards, rival gangs, and subterranean cannibals at every turn. It results in action packed gameplay that really pushes the new dice and deck combat system to the limit.

Then, Phil Elliot, a Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix gave his opinion about the game:

We’ve really loved working with Cardboard Utopia throughout this project, from hosting the concept on the Collective website, through the Kickstarter campaign and now into full release

We’re excited to see what the future holds for this talented team, and we’re looking forward to seeing Kickstarter backers and new fans alike get to play the game!

The story of Nahmi, who was stolen from her homeland as a child, and her friends Pester and Brice, is captivating and their sense of character contrasts with the downtrodden nature of the underbelly they’re forced to inhabit. We think gamers are going to enjoy getting wrapped up in the city of Torus.

Well, those experts gave their opinions about the game, mainly about how the game is designed and developed (considering it is Indie) and about its gameplay and story.

Okay, next, about the game’s feature. You will play the game tactically by swiping cards and rolling dice to unlock special powers. The dice will also help you to unlock bonuses, delivering attack, defense, healing, as well as modifying your characters’ special abilities. Of course, all of it will be packed tactically and relies heavily on your judgement.

Moreover, there are soundtracks to make your battle and adventure more exciting. It is all guaranteed to be a blast!

Children of Zodiarcs is available worldwide now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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