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Capcom Shared New Details About Monster Hunter XX Renkin Style

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Recently, Capcom shared a lot more details about their upcoming game, Monster Hunter XX. In the video trailer below, we can see that there are going to be a lot of new monsters to hunt. The video also explaining about Monster Hunter XX new feature, Renkin Style. Here’s the video:

In the previous news, Capcom shared only small details about Renkin Style. In the video above, we can see that the barrel shook rigorously to create various unique items (thanks Hachima, via Siliconera). There are tons of new monster in Monster Hunter XX. Here are some of them with a unique special name:

  • Ouma Diablos
  • Scorching Blade Glavenus
  • Silver-Tipped Gammoth
  • Clairvoyant Mizutsune
  • Azure Electric Master Astalos


Congalala will be back in Monster Hunter XX after its last presence in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Now, he will be coming back as one of the new returning monsters.

Monster Hunter XX

Here are some new details about Renkin Style in Monster Hunter XX:

  • Renkin Style is more focused on support type hunter.
  • Using special Alchemy Barrel you can create Alchemy Items. There are up to five items that can be created by alchemy.
  • Alchemy Barrel can be used from item menu. It does not go to your item pouch.
  • By the time your Alchemy Gauge is full, you can create something using Alchemy Barrel. You can have five stocks of it.

Some of the items that can be created using Renkin Style are:

  • Renkin Food: Fully recover your stamina. This one has the shortest delay among the other food items.
  • Renkin Hunter Arts Whetstone: Recover Sharpness and make your Hunting Gauge regen rate a lot faster temporarily.
  • Renkin Hunter Arts Bullet: Special bullet for Bowguns. Fills up Hunting Gauge a lot faster when you successfully lands a hit.
  • Renkin Hunter Arts Bottle: Special bottle for Bows. Fills up Hunting Gauge a lot faster when you successfully lands a hit.
  • Renkin Immunizer: Increase HP over time temporarily. Has less more delay than other food-type items.
  • Renkin Sonic Bomb: Shoots a high-frequency bomb that most smaller monster and some large monster are weak against.
  • Renkin Earplug: Protects your Hunter from large monsters roar one time.
  • Renkin Speed Medicine: Increasing the compounding speed by swiftly shaking up your Alchemy Barrel.
  • Renkin Slick: Mixing certain type of item to increase the amount of item said.
  • Renkin Bazooka: Your Alchemy Barrel becomes an explosive item that can be launched.
  • Renkin Spirit Ball: Increases your allies Hunter Art Gauges.
  • Renkin Healing Barrel: Remove negative stats and heal your nearby allies HP.

Monster Hunter XX releases in Japan on March 18, 2017, for Nintendo 3DS. Read more posts related to Monster Hunter XX here.

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