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Brave Neptunia Screenshots Show Map and Battle Scene!

Brave Neptunia Screenshots Show Map and Battle Scene!

Just a few days ago the console for Brave Neptunia was officially announced. The side-scrolling RPG were developed by Canadian company, Artisan Studio, also revealed its first screenshot there. Sadly the size is kinda small. But, recently a batch of screenshots are revelead on its Amazon Japan page. One of ’em is the larger size of the first look.

They look pretty different from the usual art, but still have that Neptunia vibe. The developer did a good job.

On the other hand, because we got to see more screenshots from Amazon, naturally we also know how the (possibly) cover art looks like.

Brave Neptunia Screenshots Show Map and Battle Scene!We actually still don’t really know what is the story of this game, right? Don’t worry, there’s an overview.

A self-proclaimed hero and her merry companions travel around the world.

2D games—planar games made up of pixels and illustrations. In one of many dimensions, there exists a Gamindustri built upon 2D games.

In this world ruled by an organization called “Silkworm,” which worships 2D games, people create 2D games and pay taxes in game casettes.

It is rumored that those who produce poor games and games that make use of new technologies are sent to the trial grounds, where their spirits are destroyed. In this Gameindustri, which damns that sort of future to hell, a girl who lost her memories awakens.

The girl, who knows not left from right, headed to the neighboring town under the order of Silkworm, but monsters blocked her way. She fought back with a cypress stick that had dropped and won a splendid victory.

It was then that she knew for certain. That she is a hero, the protagonist of this game named Neptune. The self-proclaimed hero Neptune will encounter various people and go on a journey with a mysterious book (Histoire).

Brave Neptunia: Behold World and Space!! Ultimate RPG Declaration!! will be available for PlayStation 4 on September 27th in Japan.

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