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Brave Frontier 2 Release Date Officially Announced for Japan!

Brave Frontier 2

Japanese developer and publisher, A-lim announced the Brave Frontier sequel, entitled Brave Frontier 2. This Square Enix‘s Valkyrie Profile taste RPG will hit your smartphones and PC via DDM this February 22.

Brave Frontier itself was firstly released in Japan on July 3, 2013 and the worldwide later on December 13, 2013. The storyline focuses on the unnamed summoner and players have to complete every stage to access a new area.

Brave Frontier 2 has a dual-protagonist system that will tell story from two different perspectives. It introduces a brand-new battle system that revolves around the “Xross Brave Burst” that allows you to pull off flashy special attacks.

You’ll be able to purchase your favorite units or make new buddies with pets using the “Partner System”.

Brave Frontier 2 has three main modes to play: “Story Quest” lets you check out the scenario, or you can go to the “Arena” to compete against other players. If you’re looking for a high-difficulty challenge, there’s also the “Frontier Hunter” mode.

Storyline via A-lim.

10 years after defeating Karna Masta and also restoring the power of summoning within the Arkas Summoner’s Hall, deep in the world of Ixtas, Fabulaska was arrested for copying data on a research forbidden to be accessed when two strange figures helped him in his escape. As this caught the eye of the Arkas Summoners Hall back in Elgaia regarding the discovery of the new world, Noel, Lugina and Roy went to Ixtas to negotiate with the authorities for the capture of Fabulaska, in exchange for Noel’s research data regarding Bectas.

20 Years after the event, the year is A.I.E 300, a strange group called Neo Orcus were making their move, destroying countless kingdoms and worlds for their unknown ambitions. Though the Arkas Summoners Hall are trying to pin their every move, until a strange gate started opening in Grand Gaia as the Summoners’s Hall were sent to investigate. In another world in the Kingdom of Zeltabia, Neo Orcus sets their goal on the kingdom’s capital, taking down various soldiers as they proceed with their plan. With the capital left defenseless, two new heroes will emerge as the stage is set in another war for humanity’s survival.

Announcement Video

You can check out on minute 50:34 in the above video for the gameplay.


Brave Frontier 2 will be available in Japan on February 22, 2018 for iOS, Android, and PC via DMM Games. It’ll launch globally sometime in early 2018.

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