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Blue Reflections New Screenshots Emphasize Battles & Heroines

Blue Reflections new screenshots emphasize battles

Gust recently just released new screenshots of its upcoming JRPG Blue Reflection. This Blue Reflections new screenshots emphasize battles and also its heroines. Check the new screenshots below, courtesy of DualShockers!


From those screenshots, we learn that the battles will have a classic turn-based setup. Player can select options such as attack. The bar at the top of the screen shows the order of action between heroines and enemies. By satisfying certain conditions, cooperative actions among the reflectors can be activated. In addition, when fighting the “original species” enemies in the real world, it’s possible to receive support from normal schoolgirls. The effect of support actions varies between characters. The effects are defense boost, offense boost, and more. Furthermore, original species are so powerful, so it is suggested to use the reflectors’ cooperative and support skills.

During her school life, our protagonist (Hinako Shirai) interacts with other students. At the beginning, their relationship is awkward, but solving their problems will involve each other. This will bring various benefits. During cutscene events, their attitude towards Hinako will also change as it depends on their relationship level.

New Characters

Furthermore, there are also screenshots of two new girls that Hinako will meet. They can be seen above. Their names are Sanae Nishida and Sarasa Morikawa. Sanae comes from the same junior high school as Hinako, and they have known each other since then. She is a kind-hearted girl. She joins cooking club as she’s actually good at it. However, her weakness is that she’s not very good at voicing her own opinion. Meanwhile, Sarasa is a genius dancer that excels at every kind of dance. Since Hinako retired dancing due to her injury, Sarasa became the top dancer of her class. She feels a strong sense of rivalry against the protagonist. However, she’s normally friendly with people around her due to her mature personality.

Blue Reflections: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion will be available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on March 30, 2017 in Japan.


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