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Blue Reflections Ether System, Story, and New Character Details Revealed

Gust has shared new details and screenshots for Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions. This details Blue Reflections Ether system, story prologue, and also new character named Mao Ninagawa. Check the details below, courtesy of Gematsu!


Main Story Introduction

A story that interweaves 15 girls at Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School. This is a simple introduction to just a part of the opening’s main story. While she attends school, Hinako was not always able to do so as a result of a foot injury. The story begins when Hinako attends school for the first time. The season is summer—. At Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School, it is almost time to begin the culture festival.

In a school full of students with unfamiliar faces, Hinako, who did not participate in the school entrance ceremony, comes across Sanae Nishida, who attended her middle school. Sanae, who is aware of everything from Hinako’s foot injury to her stopping ballet, is kind towards Hinako, but Hinako feels a sense of discomfort and strange atmosphere around her. Immediately after noticing the suspicious aura surrounding Sanae, Hinako found herself suddenly standing in an unknown world.

Encountering a monster she has never seen before in an unknown place, Hinako, who can only panic, hears the voices of two girls.

“It will be all right. You can fight.”

According to the girls, if she puts her heart into the ring that was unnoticeably placed on her finger, Hinako’s body will be wrapped in light and she will mysteriously transform.

Blue Reflections Ether system 2

Hinako, who is told that she has the power to fight as a “Reflector,” while astonished that her physical ability is greater than ever before and that she can freely move her foot, exterminates the monster before her. A little while after defeating the monsters, Hinako returns to the school corridor where she was originally standing. The suspicious aura that had surrounded Sanae disappeared, and she went off as if nothing had happened.


Hinako, who went to her classroom for the first time, meets Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou, the girls behind the voices she heard in the unknown world. The two girls recommend Hinako to the executive committee of the culture festival. It is unanimous among her classmates, and Hinako will be appointed to the culture festival executive committee.

An unknown world, Reflectors, the culture festival executive committee.

Blue Reflections Ether system

While trying to wrap her head around all of these extraordinary events, and while borrowing the strength of Yuzuki and Raimu, Hinako takes the first step forward in her new daily existence.


Here are some of the characters you’ll meet and events you’ll experience in the early parts of the main story.

—While discussing the culture festival in your classroom, Sarasa Morikawa, from a different class, suddenly bursts in. She can’t understand why Hinako has stopped dancing ballet and explodes with anger. And there seems to be a suspicious aura around her, too…

Blue Reflections Ether system

—Having been informed bout the other world, Reflectors, and Pure Breeds, Hinako’s head is full of things she cannot help but think about.

Blue Reflections Ether system

—Mao Ninagawa is in the same class as Sarasa Morikawa and a member of the culture festival executive committee. She is often absent from school due to being on location, but Sarasa supports her executive committee work.

In addition the main story, several detailed episodes of fellow characters are also being prepared. Many of these episodes will unfold during your free time after school and such.


Battles and Ether

Reflectors fight using energy of emotion, called “Ether”. This indispensable Ether is an important power that holds the key to victory for Reflectors.

—When it’s your turn to perform an action, you can build up your Ether by selecting the “Ether Charge” command.

—When you perform an Ether Charge, the percentage at the bottom left of the screen will rise.

Blue Reflections Ether system

The Ether you accumulate will lower when you perform actions such as healing your allies’ HP and MP with “Recovery,” and using “Guard” to reduce the enemy’s attack. Recovery and Guard, unlike commands like “Attack” that you choose when it’s your turn to perform action, are real-time button inputs done before the Reflectors and enemies take action. You can also build up your Ether by doing neither.

—With Recovery and Guard, Ether is consumed for as long as you continue to input a specific button. The more Ether you consume, the more effective the action will be.

Blue Reflections Ether system

During your battles against the Pure Breeds, by meeting certain conditions, your Guard action will change to “Reflect.” If a Reflect is successful, the power of Ether will be used to expand a barrier around you, and reflect the attacks of the Pure Breeds.

—Reflect, just like Recovery and Guard, is a real-time input action. It’s an opportunity to deal a great amount damage to the Pure Breeds, so don’t miss it!

Pure Breeds

In addition to Yesod, which we’ve seen previously, there are other Pure Breeds that also attack humans. Even if Hinako and company defeat the Pure Breeds, new ones keep appearing to stand in their way. Just what is the reason behind their appearance…?


Blue Reflections Ether system - Netzach

Netzach can attack from the sky using beams, as well as using the lance he wields in his hand.


Mao Ninagawa (voiced by Yumi Uchiyama)

Blue Reflections Ether system

  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Likes: Training

A famous actress who is quite the celebrity given that she has been working since childhood. While she has reached the point where things are calmer now than in her golden age, she continues to work. She doesn’t have a leadership position, but she is a sociable girl who is always focused on people.

Mao, who excels in her work as an actress, never misses training in order polish up her acting ability.

Blue Reflections: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion will be available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on March 30, 2017 in Japan.


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