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Blue Reflection First Full Trailer and More Details Are Revealed

Blue Reflections Feature

Gust released JRPG Blue Reflection first full trailer! The trailer, can be seen below, gives the first full look on the game’s visuals in motion.

Along with new full trailer, Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Dancing in the Illusion also gets story detail, bunch of new screenshots, and characters.


The gameplay will be in cycle: the everyday life part and the battle part. During the everyday life parts, the protagonist, Hinako, spends time with friends at school, have special events between her friends, and other peaceful daily life. At times other students will ask questions to Hinako, in which her answer will influence the “interaction level” determining how good or bad her relationship is with that particular person. After school, she can go out with friends, create items, or go to the “different world” to solve the problems there.  After that, she returns home and go to bed. In addition, there is an app named “Frispe” in Hinako’s smartphone which helps her deepen her relationship with friends and see their profile. There also are minigames.

Things get worse when a mysterious giant creature appeared and attack Hinako and the other Reflectors. The enemies the heroines need to fight is named “Species”. Among the species there are progenitors named Yesod who have giant and scaled bodies. They have very strong power even among the Species. They can easily stand against Reflector. Hinako and the other Reflectors will need to power up to face the Progenitors by equipping crystallized feelings, called “Fragments”. You can equip them to increase attack and defense. They can be found in the Other World.


Blue Reflection First Full Trailer - Chihiro

Chihiro Inoue (CV: Ayaka Suwa)

“A mysterious girl with a kind heart.”

Height: 152cm

Weight: 43kg

Likes Flowers

Chihiro is a mysterious girl, and you never know what she’s thinking. She might come off as a troublesome girl when she does things like decorating the class with a strange plushies, but everything she does is for other people. She actually cares a lot for those around her, but she hasn’t been able to communicate this too well. Basically, she’s an unintentionally troublemaker.

Chihiro has strong feelings for others, and we’ll see her giving it her all as she cheers on Hinako and the others.

Blue Reflection First Full Trailer - Yuri

Yuri Saiki (CV: Ayane Sakura)

IQ of 300. A genius who foresees all.

Height: 159cm

Weight: 45kg

Likes: Thinking about things

A girl who was born with exceptionally high intelligence. While she does boast high IQ, she puts on a facade of a regular student, and is known as simply being a bright student in school. She grew up with her intelligence overthrowing emotions, making it difficult for her to express her emotions, and it’s also difficult for her to read other people’s emotions as well.

Yuri is able to solve everything other than emotions, making her go through everyday life without actually feeling alive.

Blue Reflections: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion will be available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on March 30, 2017 in Japan.


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